Eagles QB update: Michael Vick, Dennis Dixon

Eagles QB update: Michael Vick, Dennis Dixon
February 6, 2013, 12:30 pm
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The Eagles’ quarterback situation isn’t expected to drastically change within the next 24 hours despite the Wednesday night deadline that would allow the team to cut Michael Vick free of charge and despite the team’s discussions with Dennis Dixon.

Vick will not be released tonight, according to league sources, and the team can’t sign Dixon, who spent 2012 on the Ravens’ practice squad, until Monday.

By staying on the roster past Wednesday night, Vick’s $3 million bonus for 2013 will trigger. But as CSNPhilly.com has reported several times, the Eagles aren’t likely to pay that bonus becuase of a provision in the contract that absolves the team of owing him that money if another team signs in him free agency.

If Vick doesn’t make at least $3 million on his next contract, which is unlikely given his experience and stature, the Eagles would owe the remainder.

By keeping Vick on the roster the Eagles are giving new head coach Chip Kelly more time to evaluate his roster as he plots the new direction of the franchise. Kelly, hired on Jan. 16 to replace Andy Reid, is in just his third full week on the job.

Kelly has met with Vick and said he enjoyed getting to know the veteran quarterback but Vick, who will be 33 in June, is slated to make about $16 million in base salary in 2013, which the Eagles are unlikely to pay. If Kelly and Vick both decide to stick together, Vick would very likely be asked to restructure his contract.

As for Dixon, the former University of Oregon quarterback who played for Kelly in college, teams are permitted to talk to him this week but can’t sign him until Monday. Per NFL practice squad rules, the Ravens have exclusive rights to Dixon for one week after the season and have the first chance to sign him, but Dixon isn’t obligated to re-sign with the Ravens even if they offer him a contract.

The Eagles have already reached out to Dixon, which CSNPhilly.com reported first Tuesday, and are discussing a potential contract with the quarterback. Dixon, who turned 28 last month and just won his second Super Bowl ring, spent his first four seasons with the Steelers after being picked in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL draft.

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