Foles remembering record day as team moment

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Foles remembering record day as team moment

November 4, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Nick Foles and Jason Kelce congratulate each other after the Eagles' 49-20 win over the Raiders on Sunday. (AP)


Most passing TDs in a game

Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles
-Nov. 3, 2013 vs. Oakland Raiders
Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
-Sept. 5, 2013 vs. Baltimore Ravens
Joe Kapp, Minnesota Vikings
-Sept. 28, 1969 vs. Baltimore Colts
Y.A. Tittle, New York Giants
-Oct. 28, 1962 vs. Washington Redskins
George Blanda, Houston Oilers
-Nov. 19, 1961 vs. New York Titans
Adrian Burk, Philadelphia Eagles
-Oct. 17, 1954 vs. Washington Redskins
Sid Luckman, Chicago Bears
-Nov. 14, 1943 vs. New York Giants

When Nick Foles was a kid growing up in Austin, he always preferred team sports to individual sports.

Still does.

“That’s just how I always liked it,” he said. “I don’t play sports for myself. I never did. When I think of my favorite memories of playing sports, it’s always about the people I shared those moments with. That’s what makes it special. Who you did it with.”

Which is why Foles has been telling everybody who’s asked over the last 24 hours why it’s important for him to keep his NFL-record-tying seven-touchdown performance in Oakland in perspective.

He doesn’t play sports for individual accolades or honors. He plays sports because he loves what a group of people can accomplish together.

Corny? Yeah, maybe.

But that’s how he’s always been.

“That’s just how my mom and dad raised me,” Foles said Monday afternoon, a day after his historic performance in the Eagles’ 49-20 win over the Raiders (see story).

“It’s all I’ve ever known. It’s always special to remember who you accomplished different things with. When you work together to achieve something, you develop a really special bond with your teammates, and you don’t get that in individual sports. You don’t get that in golf or whatever because you’re doing it by yourself.

“For me, accomplishing something as a team has always been what makes sports so great and so special.”

These are heady times for Foles. He not only tied the NFL record of seven touchdown passes in a game (see story), previously achieved by six quarterbacks, but also became only the third to throw seven TDs and no interceptions in a game and the first to have more touchdowns than incompletions while throwing for 400 yards.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton has already contacted the Eagles for some gear that Foles wore Sunday, and he’s a lock to receive the NFC Offensive Player of the Week Award for the second time in three weeks.

But Foles and the people around him say they have no concerns about any of this getting to his head.

“If he needs anything to think about, he should think about what happened in the last couple weeks to him,” head coach Chip Kelly said, referring to his poor game against the Cowboys. “It can change in a week.

“If you spend too much time dwelling on the past then you're probably doomed to repeat it. If you spend too much time patting yourself on the back, you're probably in a bad situation, too.

“I think you can look at his short career in the last two or three weeks here to kind of see how quickly it can go from one week to the next week. He went from NFC Player of the Week against Tampa Bay to not playing very well against the Cowboys to now coming back.

“He's probably got a life full of lessons in the last three weeks. I don't think that will affect him. That's just not the type of guy he is. I don't see that ever happening to Nick.”

Foles, 24, promises it won’t.

“It’s just the way I’ve always looked at it,” he said. “When I play the game of football, I don’t play it for myself. I play it for God, I play it for my family, I play it for my teammates, I play it for the people who helped me get to where I am.

“When you’re playing with all your heart for those people who’ve given you so much support, it makes you stronger than what you can do on your own.

“That’s why I love sports. Being able to accomplish things with other people. It’s great to have personal goals and try to achieve them, but no matter what happens, I’ll always play for my teammates.

“Awards and honors and records, they’re nice, but it’s an honor just to play the game. I feel blessed just to be able to go out and play football. How many people don’t even get to play sports after high school or after college? How many suffer injuries and don’t get to play anymore.

“Every day I come to work, it’s a blessing to just be able to do it. You can’t let it blow your head up. You just stay grounded. You have to.”

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