In-Game Updates: Chiefs at Eagles

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In-Game Updates: Chiefs at Eagles
September 19, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Andy Reid greets Chip Kelly before Thursday's Eagles-Chiefs game. (AP)

News, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse.

In case you missed the inactives, here they are. Defensive end Vinny Curry and cornerback Shaun Prater, claimed off waivers before the start of the season, are active for the first time this season.

Andy Reid comes out of the tunnel and receives a standing ovation from the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field. The message on the Jumbotron said "Thank you, Andy Reid".

Chiefs win the toss and will receive -- former Eagles safety Quinton Demps back to field the kickoff ... and returns it straight up the gut 57 yards to the Eagles' 48.

First Quarter

Chiefs' ball, Eagles' 48

TURNOVER: After the Chiefs go three-and-out (couple drops in there), Damaris Johnson muffs the punt to give KC a 1st-and-goal at the 8.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Eagles force another three-and-out -- nice pursuit by Mychal Kendricks to bring down Dexter McCluster on second down, then after Cedric Thornton misses a scrambling Alex Smith, Nate Allen sacks him. First sack by Allen since Dec. 2, 2010. Ryan Succop hits a 33-yard field goal.

Chiefs 3, Eagles 0

Drive: 4 plays, minus-7 yards, 1:50

Eagles' ball, own 21

TURNOVER-TOUCHDOWN: Just a brutal decision by Michael Vick, who throws a short toss to Brent Celek. Linebacker Derrick Johnson cuts in front of Celek, tips the pass, and safety Eric Berry catches the deflection and returns it 38 yards for the score. It's Vick's first pick of the season. Two turnovers = 10 KC points.

Chiefs 10, Eagles 0

@nslotkinCSN: Chiefs have -4 yards and a 10-0 lead.  Don't see that everyday. 

Eagles' ball, own 20

THREE-AND-OUT: Ugly. Vick is sacked (held the ball too long), then hits Celek for two yards, then lobs a pass to Riley Cooper, who dives and juggles it but can't make the catch.

MORE UGLY SPECIAL TEAMS: OK, so far the Eagles give up a 57-yard return on the open kickoff. Then Damaris Johnson muffs the first punt. Then Donnie Jones' first punt is a 37-yarder to the Chiefs' 33. So far, the defense looks the best.

Chiefs' ball, own 33

D HOLDS AGAIN: 3rd-and-2, Jamaal Charles is stuffed by Cedric Thornton. Bronx cheer for Damaris Johnson after making a fair catch at the Eagles' 13. Chiefs have 16 yards and 10 points

Eagles' ball, own 13

BIG PLAY: Vick takes off for 61 yards.

TOUCHDOWN: Vick pretty pass to Jason Avant, diving catch in the corner of the end zone, 22 yards. Vick is plastered after releasing the ball by Derrick Johnson.

WHAT THE ... ? Funky formation - they go for two. Direct, diagonal snap to Zach Ertz, who is stopped short. Let the "This is the NFL" comments begin.

Chiefs 10, Eagles 6

Drive: 3 plays, 87 yards, 1:16

@TheRealDGunnCSN: dont understand kelly's logic for going for two points at that point of game

Chiefs' ball, own 20

MORE GOOD D: Chiefs convert a 3rd-and-15 -- catch by Donnie Avery, nice block by McCluster -- but reach their own 36 and Smith is stopped by Thornton on 3rd-and-4.

Eagles' ball, own 20  (after Johnson is bulldozed on the return)

TURNOVER: It keeps getting uglier. Vick scrambles for 24, but on the next play the snap goes awry, and the Chiefs recover.

Second Quarter

Chiefs' ball, Eagles' 37

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: More good D. Chiefs go three-and-out. After a spot on 3rd-and-3, Kelly accepts a holding penalty to move them back 10 yards, and Succup's 51-yarder flails short. Smith is 5-for-10 for 48 yards and has rushed (scrambled) five times for 21 yards. Jamaal Charles has rushed four times for nine yards.

@NSlotkinCSN: Kelly's decision to push back KC works... Succop misses 51yd FG..Eagles get ball back trailing 10-6 with 12:51 left in 2nd

Eagles' ball, own 41

NOTHIN' DOIN: Five plays, 11 yards, sack, punt.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Don't see it very often, but Jason Peters got manhandled. Sack allowed to Tambi Hali (we are!)

Chiefs' ball, own 18

WHIFF: Patrick Chung misses a tackle on Donnie Avery, who turns a short first-down catch on 3rd-and-5 into a 51-yard reception.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Incomplete in the end zone to Chad Hall on third down. Succup hits from 31.

Chiefs 13, Eagles 6

Drive: 8 plays, 69 yards, 3:07

Eagles' ball, own 20

BAD VICK: Vick eyes Riley Cooper the whole pattern and fails to see that Bryce Brown is wide open down the sideline. Then he goes for Cooper again and is intercepted by Sean Smith. Brutal.

Chiefs' ball, own 39

BIG PLAY: After Fletcher Cox tracks down Alex Smith for a sack, Donnie Avery catches a cross and eludes a handful of green for 26 yards. Then Charles makes Kendricks miss. Defense is bending ... KC calls its first timeout, 3:15 left in the half.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Pass on 3rd-and-3 when you have Charles? Of course. Anyway, Succup from 34 ... good.

Chiefs 16, Eagles 6

Drive: 8 plays, 45 yards, 3:51

Eagles' ball, own 20

DEEP AGAIN: to Riley Cooper again? Incomplete.

McCOY DOWN: LeSean breaks it for 18.. then goes down, takes off helmet.. looks bad. Then LeSean gets up and jogs off, heads to the locker room.

VICK SACKED: Vick engulfed for a loss of seven by Justin Houston. Then Houston is credited with another when Vick collides with his own line and goes down. Eagles punt - another ugly one too.

Chiefs' ball, own 33

McCOY UPDATE: Leg injury, return unknown.

TICK TICK ... Curious time management, or lack thereof. Chiefs spike it on 3rd-and-1 -- guess Reid thought he had a first down on the previous play -- and then throw a Hail Mary to end the half.

HALFTIME: Chiefs 16, Eagles 6

@GonzoCSN: Perfect warm-up act for Donovan McNabb ceremony. Crowd seems in good spirits. This should go swimmingly.

@RoobCSN: Only other time since 2007 Eagles had 4 sacks + 4 turnovers in a game was Dallas in 2010 - Donovan's last regular-season game with Eagles.

Third Quarter

Eagles' ball, own 20

SHADY'S BACK: But it doesn't matter. A bad snap leads to another sack split by Justin Houston and Derrick Johnson, and after an interception is overturned and ruled incomplete, the Eagles punt.

Chiefs' ball, own 13

BIG STOP: Charles stopped on 3rd-and-1 by Cedric Thornton, Chiefs punt.

Eagles' ball, own 19

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Shady breaks a 30-yarder. Vick throws another pick, but it's negated by an illegal contact penalty on Eric Berry. The Eagles meander their way to the KC 11, the drive stalls, and Alex Henery hits a 29-yarder. Somehow the Eagles are still in this game.

Chiefs 16, Eagles 9

Drive: 10 plays, 70 yards, 3:05

Chiefs' ball, own 45 - Demps returns kickoff 30 yards, +15 more after horse collar on CB Shaun Prater. 

WHO'S THAT? Oh, that's Vinny Curry, who sacks Alex Smith. First of his career. Then Curry just drew holding penalty, but it's declined. Chiefs punt. Typical ugly Thursday game.

@GeoffMosherCSN: That's why we all thought Vinny should be playing. He's been really good tonight. ... Vinny Curry did this all preseason. Spent most of his time in the opposing backfield. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 25

BIG PLAY: Vick -- finally -- to DeSean for 40 on 3rd-and-3. After Shady is stuffed, a Chief is down, and the crowd boos. Earlier in the quarter Sean Smith went out with cramps.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Ugly 3rd-and-12 play results in an incompletion. Then Henery misses a 48-yarder. Brutal special teams. So to recap again: the Eagles give up a 57-yard return on the open kickoff, Damaris Johnson muffs the first punt, Donnie Jones' first punt is a 37-yarder to the Chiefs' 33, Demps has a 30-yard return + 15 more because of Prater penalty, and now Henery misses. Sheesh.

Chiefs' ball, own 38

STRIKE 2: Chung whiffs, 23-yard reception for Avery.

Fourth Quarter

TOUCHDOWN: Three straight runs by Charles .. +7, +18 and then a three-yard TD. 

Chiefs 23, Eagles 9

Drive: 8 plays, 62 yards, 4:45

Eagles' ball, own 22

FLOWERS DOWN: CB Brandon Flowers is down after a 14-yard scramble on third down. Fans don't like it -- especially after Flowers is shown dropping to a knee on the video board. Flowers was questionable entering the game with a knee injury.

CIRCUS CATCH: Great juggling catch by - who else? - Jason Avant, +20.

TOUCHDOWN: McCoy breaks a 41-yard TD. And with 11:36 left, the Eagles somehow are still within a TD.

Chiefs 23, Eagles 16

Drive: 10 plays, 70 yards, 3:05

FLOWERS UPDATE: Knee, questionable return.

Chiefs' ball, own 5 after muffing the kickoff

THAT LOOKED LIKE A SAFETY: Nate Allen wraps up Charles, holds him to a three-yard gain. Then Brandon Graham sacks Smith.

BIG PLAY: Gonz and I thought it was going to be picked. Silly us. Donnie Avery catch for 15 on 3rd-and-10. Allen didn't get there in time.

@NSlotkinCSN: KC converts on 3rd down again to Donnie Avery, 4th time tonight he came through.  #Eaglestalk

@GonzoCSN: Short list. RT @GeoffMosherCSN: Best throw of the night for Alex Smith  #EaglesTalk

CHUNG HURT: Shoulder injury, return questionable.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Succup from 38 yards ... good.

Chiefs 26, Eagles 16

Drive: 15 plays, 75 yards, 8:15

Eagles' ball, own 20

THIS ABOUT SUMS IT UP: Ref announces an Eagles penalty: "False start, everybody but the center." Vick nearly throws another pick, on 4th-and-20 - by Demps - and Chiefs take over to run out the clock.

@TheRealDGunnCSN: So lets see eagles defense goes from Eddie royal, to Donnie Avery to Wes welker next week, yeah good luck with that one

Chiefs' ball, Eagles' 20

4TH-AND-GOAL AT THE 1: Charles doesn't get in.

Eagles' ball, own 1

VICK SACKED: Loses three yards, announced as shaken up and replaced by Nick Foles, still 1:07 left. Ugh. After further review, rules that Vick fumbles. Of course. That's five turnovers. And they add 27 seconds to the game clock. Phew.

@GonzoCSN: Vick really limping gingerly on the sideline. #EaglesTalk


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