In-Game Updates: Eagles 24, Redskins 16

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In-Game Updates: Eagles 24, Redskins 16
November 17, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Nick Foles warms up prior to Sunday's game against Washington. (AP)

News, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse.

As expected, the Eagles are without three key players on defense - LB Mychael Kendricks (knee), S Earl Wolff (knee) and CB Bradley Fletcher (pectoral). Tackle Jason Peters is starting. Here are your inactives.

Also, watch Shady steal a banner from a Redskins fan.

The Redskins won the toss and will receive.

**INJURY: LeSean McCoy went down with a right hamstring injury in the second quarter, return questionable. He returned - started the third quarter.


Redskins' ball, own 19

PUNT: The defense recovers from a stupid roughing the passer penalty on Fletcher Cox, who hit RG3 when he was on his way out of bounds and throwing the ball away. The Redskins moved into Eagles' territory, but on first down at the Eagles' 38, RG3 missed a wide open Logan Paulsen, Alfred Morris was stuffed by Cedric Thornton for a loss of one, and Connor Barwin batted down a pass on 3rd-and-11.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Bennie Logan beats a double team inside to get in RG3's face on that incomplete pass. #EaglesTalk

@GeoffMosherCSN: Barwin's had a ton of passes batted down at scrimmage this year. That's his 9th pass defended, according to Eagles stats. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 12

PUNT: LeSean McCoy is twice stuffed on first down for losses of one. Nick Foles twice misses Riley Cooper deep - one the former Cooper looked for a flag but got none. Foles made a pretty throw to DeSean Jackson for 19 on 3rd-and-11, but on the next third down is rushed and has to get rid of it. On the punt, Brandon Boykin makes a great play to keep it out of the end zone, and new Eagle Brad Smith downs it at the Redskins' 2.

Redskins' ball, own 2

INJURIES: Redskins corner E.J. Bigger (knee), return questionable. He's returned. Eagles safety Patrick Chung dinged (been dealing with a shoulder injury down) after missing tackle on RG3, Kurt Coleman in.

PUNT: Everyone's contributing. Coleman stops RG3 after a five-yard gain. Casey Matthews stops Alfred Morris after a seven-yard gain. Then Brandon Graham bursts into the backfield to stop Morris for a three-yard loss. Najee Goode sacks RG3 for a loss of three. Then Cox and DeMeco Ryans swarm Roy Helu on 3rd-and-19, ending the drive.

@RoobCSN: Impressive defensive series for Eagles there. Great pressure and penetration. First career sack for Najee Goode

Eagles' ball, own 32

TOUCHDOWN: Finally, the Eagles hit on the wheel route to a RB (seems like they always mess it up somehow). Shady beat LB Ryan Kerrigan and bolts for a 49-yard gain to the Redskins' 4. Then the crafty Nick Foles (see story) spins into the end zone for the score.

Eagles 7, Redskins 0

Drive: 4 plays, 68 yards, 1:16

Redskins' ball, own 20 

THREE-AND-OUT: Morris gets nine on first down, but Thornton stuffs him for a one-yard loss on second, and RG3 throws incomplete to Moss -- Roc Carmichael on the coverage -- on third down.

Eagles' ball, own 31

INJURY: Chung has a throat injury, bit his tongue, return probable. Redskins CB Josh Wilson being evaluated for a concussion - he's back.

@NSlotkinCSN: Foles now has 2 rushing TD on season tying Michael Vick for 2nd on team behind McCoy who has 3. ... The last 2 rushing TD by the Eagles are both by Nick Foles.  Eagles had scored last 13 offensive TD by pass.


TOUCHDOWN: Where did this speed come from? Foles starts the drive with a 14-yard lumber. Brent Celek takes a short pass and blows by the Redskins for 43 yards and rolls into the end zone. It's called a TD on the field, but after further review -- surprisingly they showed the decisive angle on the huge HD video screens -- Celek's knee was down at the 1. Shady on the next play runs it in and dunks it over the goalpost. 

Eagles 14, Redskins 0

Drive: 6 plays, 69 yards, 1:48  

INJURY: Redskins DE Stephen Bowen, knee, return questionable

@RoobCSN: Foles 4 for 9 for 126 yards. Came in with highest yards per attempt in NFL in last 4 years. ... Eagles have 9 rushing touchdowns this year. Four vs. Redskins, 5 vs. everybody else.

Redskins' ball, own 20

TURNOVER: The 'Skins methodically move down the field -- Pierre Garcon catch +8, Morris run +9, RG3 +10, then Helu breaks off a 24-yarder and Jordan Reed catches a 12-yard pass to get to the 8. But then Connor Barwin slams RG3, the ball pops out and Fletcher Cox recovers and is penalized for an illegal forward pass. 

Eagles' ball, own 11

FIELD GOAL: Shady runs for 10 but loses seven for taunting. Then Foles hits a crossing Cooper +23, his first catch of the game. Another cross, this one to DeSean, gets 26. Then a screen to Bryce Brown gets 24 (Brown looks like he trips on the grass again). Foles looks for Cooper in the end zone, too far, but David Amerson is called for illegal hands to the face.

Foles is plastered by London Fletcher, then Shady jukes/runs through Brandon Meriweather for 16 -- but falls on his own, grabs what looks like his right hamstring and grimaces. It looks bad until he gets up and walks off under his own power. Stay tuned.

@RoobCSN: 175-pound DeSean going nose-to-nose with 250-pound London Fletcher. Gotta love it.

Foles, who was shaking his arm during the drive but appears OK, scrambled for a yard on 3rd-and-3, and Alex Henery hits a 24-yarder.

@RoobCSN: Dr. DeLuca talked to Foles for a few seconds but didn't work on him. Foles seems OK.

Eagles 17, Redskins 0

Drive: 8 plays, 83 yards, 3:53

Redskins' ball, own 20

**INJURY UPDATE: LeSean has an injured right hamstring, return questionable 

PUNT: Redskins move to the Eagles' 39, but the Birds slam the door. Thornton and Cox stuff Morris on consecutive plays, and Trent Cole sacks RG3 on third down.

Eagles' ball, own 24

PUNT: Eagles take over with 34 seconds left in the half, DeSean catches a 15-yarder, but that's it. Eagles give the ball back, and RG3 takes a knee to end the half.

HALFTIME: 17-0 Eagles


Eagles' ball, own 20

TOUCHDOWN: Shady looks fine. He starts the drive with a pair of five-yard runs to sandwich a Foles scamble for seven. Later, Shady runs for seven, gets seven more on a reception, and makes another reception for seven and is dragged down, horse-collar penalty on LB Perry Riley. Shady finishes the drive with a one-yard score.

Other notable plays: Ertz drops one, then catches one, breaks a couple tackles for a 16-yard gain. A nice completion to Cooper is erased by an illegal hands to the face penalty on Peters. DeSean also had a 22-yard completion. Bryce Brown converts a 4th-and-1 with a one-yard run at the Washington 38.

REDSKINS INJURIES: DE Stephen Bowen and WR Leonard Hankerson both doubtful with knee injuries. TE Jordan Reed being evaluated for a concussion.

Eagles 24, Redskins 0

Drive: 13 plays, 80 yards, 5:19

@RoobCSN: Last time Eagles had 3 rushing TDs in a game: Dec. 18, 2011, vs. Jets [Shady 3, Vick 1]. #EaglesTalk

@NSlotkinCSN:  LeSean McCoy with his first multi-TD rushing gm since 12/18/11 vs Jets (3 rush TD) #EaglesTalk

@GeoffMosherCSN: So many groups coming up big today for #Eagles: OL, DL, OLBs especially, and Foles playing a very good game. #EaglesTalk

Redskins' ball, own 20

PUNT: Key part of that drive: Trent Cole notches his second sack of the game. Boykin credited with a forced fumble on 3rd-and-16, 'Skins recover.

@RoobCSN: Trent Cole's last multi-sack game was Dec. 11, 2011, at Miami.

@GeoffMosherCSN: This is one of those it's-all-coming-together kind of games for the Eagles. Needed one at home. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 27

REDSKINS INJURY UPDATE: TE Reed out with a concussion, Hankerson (knee) is out.

THREE-AND-OUT: Eagles go backwards on their first two plays - Shady loses three, Foles sacked for minus-8. Shady gets seven on 3rd-and-23.

EAGLES INJURY UPDATE: Safety Colt Anderson (ankle) questionable. 

Redskins' ball, own 26

PUNT: Drive starts with a 21-yard toss to Garcon, but that's it. Trent Cole makes another play, stopping Morris for a loss of two. Then RG3 throws over Santana Moss' head, and that's that.

@NSlotkinCSN: Eagles have sacked RG3 four times... most since 5 vs KC in week 3.  Have sacked Griffin 8 times in 2 gms so far this yr. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 8

PUNT: That was a "you're deep in you're own territory so don't do anything stupid drive." Shady +5. Then he sheds a couple Redskins - gets only four. Seemed like that had to be at least 10. Brown goes left on stretch play 3rd-and-1 and loses a yard. Right up the gut? But anyway. Shady surpasses 1,000 yards rushing for the season.

@RoobCSN: LeSean is the 4th Eagle with three 1,000-yard seasons. Duce, Ricky and Wilbert also had three each. Last names not needed for any of 'em.

Redskins' ball, own 39

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: On 4th-and-1 at the Redskins' 48, RG3 throws incomplete to Paulsen.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Matt McGloin having a better game today than RG3. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, Redskins' 47

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: Holding on Herremans costs the Eagles 10, Shady gets 10 back on 3rd-and-11, but Brown gets nothing on 4th-and-1.

Redskins' ball, own 39

TOUCHDOWN: There goes the shutout. RG3 scrambles and finds fullback Darrel Young. Cole and Chung take each other out as Young runs in for the 62-yard score. Then they get the two-point conversion.

Eagles 24, Redskins 8

Drive: 1 play, 62 yards, 12 seconds

Eagles' ball, own 20

PUNT: Eagles just running clock, move to their 44 and punt.

EAGLES INJURY: Cole being evaluated for a head injury.

Redskins' ball, own 15

TOUCHDOWN: RG3 lofts a high fly ball to center field ... and Aldrick Robinson somehow comes down with it for a 41-yard score while a baffled Roc Carmichael tries to figure out what's going on. Then RG3 leaps into the end zone for two more points. Now it's interesting - 5:57 left.

Eagles 24, Redskins 16

Drive: 7 plays, 85 yards, 2:40

Eagles' ball, own 17

THREE-AND-OUT: Foles scrambles on 3rd-and-3 ... and is stopped short. The ruling on the field was a first down, but was reversed upon further review because Foles' knee was down.

GREAT PUNT: Donnie Jones blasts a punt that takes a nice hop and bounces out at the Redskins' 4. Redskins take over with 3:26 left.

Redskins' ball, own 4 

TURNOVER: Wow. The Redskins converted four third downs, including a 3rd-and-25, to move to the Eagles' 18 with 40 seconds left, but RG3 on 3rd-and-1 lofts one into the end zone - trying to throw it away? - and Boykin snags it for the win-sealing interception.

The 10-game home losing streak is over.

Final: Eagles 24, Redskins 16