In-Game Updates: Eagles 27, Packers 13

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In-Game Updates: Eagles 27, Packers 13
November 10, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Clay Matthews, pictured here during pregame warmups, is wearing a club on his right hand to protect his injured thumb. (USA Today Images)

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Cornerback Bradley Fletcher (pectoral) is out. Here are your other inactives.


Eagles' ball, own 20

PUNT: Nick Foles starts with a few easy completions, and the Eagles move to their 43 when the drive stalls. LeSean McCoy is thrown for a loss of three by A.J. Hawk. Riley Cooper drops a pass, and Foles tries to escape but is sacked on third down.

Packers' ball, own 21

@GeoffMosherCSN: Roc Carmichael on the field with Cary Williams as Eagles start in base. Boykin will play nickel. 

INJURY: LB Mychal Kendricks heads to the locker room. 

@NSlotkinCSN: Emmanuel Acho on field for Kendricks.. it's Acho's birthday today..he's 23 #Eaglestalk

MISSED FIELD GOAL: Eddie Lacy and some short passes get the Packers into Eagles' territory, but Nate Allen makes a nice open-field stop on Lacy, and good coverage on 3rd-and-14 forces Green Bay to settle for a 53-yard field goal attempt. Mason Crosby's kick sails wide right and glances off the upright.

INJURY UDATE: Kendricks questionable to return with a right knee injury. 

INJURY: Jason Peters down, Allen Barbre replaces him at left tackle.

Eagles' ball, own 43

TOUCHDOWN: Foles with time ... lofts a rainbow deep down the middle to DeSean Jackson. Safety Morgan Burnett and corner Tramon Williams converge on it, Williams appears to have an interception, but the ball pinballs off him, Jackson catches it for a 55-yard score.

Eagles 7, Packers 0

Drive: 2 plays, 57 yards, 25 seconds

Packers' ball, own 35

NEW QB: Scott Tolzien in for Seneca Wallace, who is questionable with a groin injury. A third-year pro out of Wisconsin, Tolzien spent time with the Chargers and 49ers before joining the Packers' practice squad on Sept. 2. San Diego signed him in 2011 as an undrafted rookie. He had never played in a regular season game.

PUNT: On 3rd-and-9, Andrew Quarless makes the catch but is stopped just short of the first by Roc Carmichael. 

Eagles' ball, own 34

@GeoffMosherCSN: Jason Peters being examined for a head injury, Barbre still in. 

PUNT: It's all Shady. McCoy gets nine, then 20, then four, then as a checkdown he shakes and bakes past cornerback Casey Hayward for six to the GB 32. Foles has time, holds the ball too long and is sacked on 3rd-and-5 for six-yard loss, which takes the Eagles out of field goal range. **Peters returned for that play but limps off. Nice punt by Donnie Jones, downed by Brandon Boykin (of course) at the Packers' 4.

Packers' ball, own 4

YET ANOTHER INJURY: Safety Earl Wolff is down but walks, then jogs, to the sideline.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Looks like Peters had his groin/thigh area examined on the sideline, before Wolff went down. #EaglesTalk


@NSlotkinCSN: By the way, Eagles have not had best of luck with backup QBS especially from NFC North (remember Joe Webb) #Eaglestalk

**INJURY UPDATES: Peters (quad), Wolff (knee) and Kendricks (knee) will not return.

TURNOVER: LB Naje Goode misses an interception. Chip Kelly misses a chance to challenge a great leaping catch by Jarrett Boykin, who got one foot in before his hand came down out of bounds. There were plenty of replays, and Boykin clearly was out.

Then Brandon Boykin bails them out. On 3rd-and-3 from the Eagles' 5, Jordy Nelson has a step on Boykin, but the ball is off target and Boykin picks it, appears to have a chance to take it all the way, but encounters TE Brandon Bostick and runs out of gas and out of bounds for a 76-yard return.

Eagles' ball, Packers 27

MISSED FIELD GOAL: Foles runs/jogs for nine, but Shady loses 3 -- nearly gets his head ripped off but somehow the refs miss the facemask call -- and Foles' 3rd down throw is incomplete. Alex Henery's 39-yard field goal is hooked wide left.

Packers' ball own 29

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Packers drive in nine plays to the Eagles' 24. Then on 3rd-and-1, the Packers try to surprise the D and pass, and it's knocked down by Vinny Curry. Mason Crosby from 42 -- wide right.

Eagles' ball, own 23

FIELD GOAL: DeSean makes a 21-yard catch. Riley Cooper catch-and-run for 25 on 3rd-and-9. Clay Matthews is called for roughing the passer. But on first down from the Packers' 10 Foles jogs on what looks like a designed run for three yards. Then after a bailout short incompletion to James Casey, Foles looks over the middle for Jason Avant, who doesn't make the catch but is wrapped up by Tramon Williams -- no call. Henery hits a 25-yarder.

Eagles 10, Packers 0

Drive: 9 plays, 60 yards, 1:38

Packers' ball, own 20

FIELD GOAL: Packers take over with a minute left. Completions of 20, 13 and 30 yards -- the last one a great catch by Nelson over Boykin. Nelson barely steps out at the 9 (Colt Anderson credited with the stop) and gives the Packers 1st-and-goal at the Eagles' 9. On third down, Tolzien fires a bullet to James Jones, who is blanketed by Cary Williams (missed PI) and somehow catches the ball but gets only one foot in. Crosby hits a 26-yarder.

Eagles 10, Packers 3

Drive: 8 plays, 72 yards, 1:14


@NSlotkinCSN: 10-3 Eagles at halftime. 4th time they had a lead at half (WAS, @NYG, OAK, GB)..won previous 3 #eaglestalk

Key stats:

-Tolzien has thrown for 184 yards, Foles only 115.

-The Packers have 268 yards, the Eagles have only 164.

-Time of possession: Packers 20:59, Eagles 9:01.

Packers also have suffered key injuries. In addition to Wallace, CB Casey Hayward (hamstring) and center Evan Dietrich-Smith (knee) are hurt. T.J. Lang is in at center. 


PUNT: The most exciting part about that series is the punt, which the Packers downed inside the 5, Colt Anderson tried to pick it up, and it was recovered in the end zone -- but the ball was actually first touched by Micah Hyde at about the 16, which is where it was marked. Anderson, because it was first touched by a Packer, can't muff it, so safe play there.

Eagles' ball, own 16

TOUCHDOWN: Bomb to Riley Cooper, who curls across the middle of the field to run under it, dives to catch it and rolls into the end zone, beating a pair of bewildered Packers D-backs for a 45-yard score. Then he jogs slowly off the field and is shown grimacing on the sideline. Oooh - replay shows Cooper may have let tip of the ball touch the turf, but every scoring play is reviewed.

Eagles 17, Packers 3

Drive: 3 plays, 84 yards, 51 seconds

@NSlotkinCSN: Nick Foles now has 15 TD passes (16 total TD) and 0 turnovers this season. #eaglestalk

Packers' ball, own 20

TURNOVER: DeMeco Ryans intercepts an ugly, awry pass deflected by Cary Williams, who was covering James Jones, the intended receiver -- but the ball was never close to him. 

Eagles ' ball, Packers' 43

FIELD GOAL: Shady +18, but then Shady is stopped for a three-yard loss, and Henery hits a 41-yarder.

Eagles 20, Packers 3

Drive: 5 plays, 21 yards, 1:39

@RoobCSN: DeMeco is first Eagle linebacker with 2 sacks and 2 interceptions in a season since Trott in 2001. #EaglesTalk

Packers' ball, own 14

TOUCHDOWN: Key plays - Boykin plays the player not the ball, makes contact with Nelson and is called for PI +30. Lacy catch and run +13. Then a broken coverage lets Brandon Bostick get open in a wheel route for an eight-yard score. Patrick Chung let him go, or Carmichael shouldn't have covered the slant inside.

Eagles 20, Giants 10

Drive: 7 plays, 86 yards, 4:06

@RoobCSN: I'm not sure what Patrick Chung was doing out there. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 20

TOUCHDOWN: Foles threads a pass to Jason Avant, so close to being intercepted by Tramon Williams, +23. Foles then runs for 16 on 3rd-and-6. Then he hits a wide open Riley Cooper, who made a cut to get away from Morgan Burnett, 32-yard score. Wow.

Eagles 27, Packers 10

Drive: 7 plays, 80 yards, 3:12

@JMac_18: Happy for @RileyCooper_14...keep ballin kid!

@RoobCSN: Foles has 16 TDs this year & 0 INTs. That's tied for 2nd-most TDs in NFL history before an INT. Peyton had 20 this year. Milt Plum also 16.


FIELD GOAL: Tolzien runs for 19, throws to James Jones for 9, gets hit in the head by Najee Good for a roughing the passer call, then gets sacked by Vinny Curry. An 18-yard catch on 2nd-and-23 by Jarrett Boykin puts the Packers in field goal range, and Crosby hits a 35-yarder.

Eagles 27, Packers 13

Drive: 8 plays, 54 yards, 2:51

Eagles' ball, own 22

TURNOVER: Foles is sacked by Mike Daniels, fumbles and it's returned by Tramon Williams for a TD. Foles at first is ruled down, but after further review it's ruled a fumble. Ball was coming out as Foles went down. Green Bay takes over at the Eagles' 13. Foles' first turnover of the season.

@MikePereira: i still don't think that was indisputable evidence in GB to overturn the original call.

Packers' ball, Eagles' 13

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: Jordy Nelson on 4th-and-4 from the 7 makes what is ruled an incompletion on the field, but replays show he may have had his hand under the ball as he went to the ground. It's ruled incomplete because he did not have total control during the process of the catch.

Eagles' ball, own 7

RUN OUT THE CLOCK: Eagles, behind Shady, a big catch by James Casey for eight yards on 3rd-and-7, and a nine-yard run by Foles on 2nd-and-9, run out the final 9:32, and leave Lambeau 5-5.

Final: Eagles 27, Packers 13 

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