In-Game Updates: Eagles 31, Buccaneers 20

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In-Game Live: Cowboys at Eagles -9/20

In-Game Updates: Eagles 31, Buccaneers 20
October 13, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy run a drill Sunday before facing the Bucs. (AP)

News, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse.


Eagles' ball, own 15 (after Johnson elected to take it out from deep in the end zone):

TOUCHDOWN: That was too easy. It starts with a screen to LeSean McCoy, who snakes through the Bucs' D (were they even on the field yet?) for 44 yards. Foles then finds Riley Cooper (remember him?) for 12 yards. A couple runs to Bryce Brown, third-down conversion to DeSean Jackson and a run up the middle for the score by Foles and just like that, the Eagles are up seven.

Eagles 7, Bucs 0

Drive: 8 plays, 85 yards, 3:14

@GeoffMosherCSN: Huge game for Foles, and he starts 4-for-5 for 70 yards. #EaglesTalk

@RoobCSN: Foles has now put up 4 TDs & 2FGs in 11 drives this year. That's 3.1 points per drive. Vick is at 2.0 [11 TDs, 10 FGs, 54 drives].

@RoobCSN: Shady had two receptions of 40 yards or more in his first four NFL seasons. He has two in his last five games.

Bucs' ball, own 20

THREE-AND-OUT: The Eagles appear to have found a corner in Bradley Fletcher. They throw his way on first and third down, both incomplete. On third down he reached in to knock away the pass from Tiquan Underwood.

Eagles' ball, own 27 

TURNOVER: More wide open space for LeSean, but he leaps (that's why you don't leave your feet), flips and fumbles - and Darrelle Revis scoops it up and returns it for a TD. After further review, it's ruled a turnover, but Revis was down by contact.

@NSlotkinCSN: This will be McCoy's 7th career lost fumble, 1st this year.  Had 3 last yr which was only season with more than 1. #eaglestalk

Bucs' ball, Eagles' 40

FIELD GOAL: Not a good series for Doug Martin. First he fumbles the exchange. Then Patrick Chung to stops him for a two-yard loss, and then DeMeco Ryans and Cedric Thornton stuff him on 3rd-and-2. Ryan Lindell hits a 38-yarder.

Eagles 7, Bucs 3

Drive: 7 plays, 20 yards, 4:06

@RoobCSN: Buccaneers 5-for-3 rushing.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Shady's first loss fumble since Nov. 18, 2012 -- Foles' first career start, against the Redskins. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 20:

SACK STALLS DRIVE: After Foles had time to survey the field and find Zach Ertz for six on 3rd-and-5, LB Lavonte David is unblocked (Peters' man?) and sacks Foles for a nine-yard loss on 2nd-and-7 Shady gets seven back on the next play, but the Eagles punt.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Earl Wolff now in for the first time, with Nate Allen  #EaglesTalk

Bucs' ball, own 23

GREAT D/BRUTAL O: Vincent Jackson makes an 11-yard catch on first down. But On their next three plays, the Bucs yield eight yards. Tampa is penalized for intentional grounding and holding. Ugly. DeSean Jackson was back to return the punt, but the Michael Koenen kicked it away from him, out of bounds. Nice punt.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Pat Chung is sitting on the bench with teammates. Hasn't gone back to locker room or anything. 

@TheRealDGunnCSN: Chris Polk right shoulder injury went in for X-rays, return unknown 

Eagles' ball, own 25

THREE-AND-OUT: Foles run for 3, Jackson catch for 2, Foles rushed and throws it away (lucky no pick). Eric Page returns the punt 40 yards, Donnie Jones stops him.

Bucs' ball, Eagles' 39

CHUNG OUT/BACK: Chung makes tackle on first down, stays down and is replaced by Earl Wolff. Then he comes back in after missing a play.


TOUCHDOWN: Vincent Jackson runs a simple in route, wide open over the middle - Bradley Fletcher appeared to pass him off to someone who wasn't there - easy 24-yard touchdown. 

Bucs 10, Eagles 7

Drive: 4 plays, 39 yards, 55 seconds

@NSlotkinCSN: Mike Glennon great play fake, hits Vincent Jackson for 24yd TD.  10-7 TB.. Chung totally faked out think Martin had ball. #eaglestalk

Eagles' ball, own 14

SHAKY O-LINE: Foles does a nice job to find Avant and Riley Cooper (+17 on 3rd-and-15) for first downs, but the Eagles' O-line isn't creating any running room. Kelce looked like he got beat when Shady was stopped for a loss of five. Bryce Brown lost two yards, Foles missed Ertz on 3rd-and-12, and the Eagles punt.

Bucs' ball, own 18

THREE-AND-OUT: So long as the Eagles don't give the Bucs' offense short fields, they shouldn't allow any TDs. On this drive, Fletcher Cox beat Davin Joseph and hit Mike Glennon's arm to force a fluttering duck that lands incomplete, then the Eagles blitz on third down and force Glennon to throw it away.

Eagles' ball, own 46

INJURY UPDATES: Polk and Chung have shoulder injuries. Polk is out, Chung probable to return.

TOUCHDOWN: Everyone involved on this drive. Shady, Brent Celek (screens to Shady and Celek start the drive off, help offset over-aggressive Bucs' D-line) Jeff Maehl, Bryce Brown and DeSean Jackson all touch the ball. Jackson beats Revis - looking for inside help that wasn't there? - in the middle of the end zone for a 12-yard score.

Eagles 14, Bucs 10

Drive: 8 plays, 54 yards, 3:20

@RoobCSN: O-line protected much better on that last drive.

@RoobCSN: Eagles have four TDs on six red-zone drives this year with Foles at QB. 5-for-14 with Vick. Foles (3) also more RZ TD passes than Vick (1).

Bucs' ball, own 21

PI - NOT ON CARY: Probably should have been a no-call, but Underwood called for PI on deep ball over his head. He grabbed Cary Williams' facemask for a second, so could have been called for illegal hands to the face. 

SERIOUSLY? Glennon, on 3rd-and-14, takes forever but runs for 16 yards. That's brutal.

@NSlotkinCSN: Eagles somehow allow Mike Glennon to run for 16yds on 3rd and 14..  Vinny Curry missed tackle and looked injured after. 

TOUCHDOWN: Martin up the gut, untouched for 24 ... then Glennon lob to Vincent Jackson, catches it over Cary Williams.

Bucs 17, Eagles 14

Drive: 10 plays, 79 yards, 6:03

@GeoffMosherCSN: Bucs have just tied for the most points they've scored in a game all year. Before halftime.   #EaglesTalk

@RoobCSN: Buccaneers had four offensive touchdowns all year before today. Have two in 1H. Averaging 5.5 points per half this year. Have 17 today.

@NSlotkinCSN: Horrible job by Eagles allowing late TD drive there, especially after major offensive PI penalty against TB. NO PRESSURE #Eaglestalk

@RoobCSN: Eagles have faced 79 pass plays in their last three games and have 2 sacks.

Eagles' ball, own 20, 1:02 left in the half

NOTHING DOIN': Eagles gain 19 yards - three runs before calling their first timeout with 25 seconds left - then call three passes and punt to run out the final minute.

HALFTIME: 17-14 Bucs

@GeoffMosherCSN: Vincent Jackson has 10 catches for 177 yards and three TDs in his last six quarters against the Eagles. 


Bucs' ball, own 20

TURNOVER: And that's why they're the Bucs. Tight end Tim Wright makes a 36-yard catch, but then Glennon throws it to Bradley Fletcher. Think he needs to have a talk with Underwood, who just stopped his route. One of these teams is going to make a major mistake late, and that one will lose.

Eagles' ball, own 34

INJURY: Jason Peters down, Allen Barbre in at LT. 

@ROOBCSN: Seems like they're looking at Peters' right shoulder. #EaglesTalk

TOUCHDOWN: Wow. Foles deep to Riley Cooper, who fights off rookie Johnthan Banks for the 47-yard TD. Nice play Cooper. Banks was cleared to play after being the third Bucs player to contract MRSA. Longest TD pass of Foles' career. Cooper now has three catches for 76 yards. 

Eagles 21, Bucs 17

Drive: 5 plays, 66 yards, 1:58

INJURY UPDATE:  Peters has shoulder injury, return unknown

Bucs' ball, own 20

FLAG, BUCS: For every positive play the Bucs make, they spoil it with a penalty on another play. This possession lasts more than five minutes, yet the Bucs move from their 20 to their 43. Two penalties stall the drive.

Eagles' ball, own 25

BIG PLAY ON SPECIAL TEAMS: By who else? Colt Anderson. A penalty on Todd Herremans negates an eight-yard catch on 3rd-and-9 by Zach Ertz near midfield - so whether Chip Kelly would have gone for it becomes moot - and the Eagles punt. The ball takes an astroturf hop, and Anderson downs it at the Bucs' 1. Eagles must take advantage of this.

Bucs' ball, own 1

OH DEMECO: Vincent Jackson jukes DeMeco, 12-yard gain on 2nd-and-9.

NICE COVERAGE: More good signs from Fletcher, who sticks with Jackson despite a double move.

THIRD DOWN WOES: Wolff is there but boxed out by Wright, who converts 3rd-and-9 with a 10-yard catch. Then Glennon rolls right and finds Jackson for 24 yards to convert another 3rd-and-9. Fletcher beaten this time. Suddenly the Bucs are at midfield.


@GeoffMosherCSN: Yes, the Eagles' pass rush isn't great. But do remember Bucs are keeping lots of guys in, including an extra OT. But, yeah, no pass rush.

AGAIN: Tim Wright catch +16 on 3rd-and-5. Beat Kendricks. 

BIG PENALTY: Roc Carmichael - the guy the Birds got from the Texans last month - is flagged for PI on Underwood, didn't turn his head around in time to look for the ball, and it's 1st-and-goal for the Bucs at the 9. Williams was out with cramps. 

FIELD GOAL: On 3rd-and-goal, Wolff swipes at a pass in the end zone to Wright, appears to miss it, but it distracts Wright enough, and the ball deflects high off Wright's chest and falls incomplete. Lindell hits a 27-yarder.

Eagles 21, Bucs 20

Drive: 16 plays, 90 yards, 7:57

Eagles' ball, own 20 - Jason Peters is back in

TOUCHDOWN: First, Riley Cooper makes a short catch, jukes Banks, and turns it into a 44-yard gain. Then a terrific pass by Foles deep to DeSean, 36-yard TD. Cooper: 4 for 120, TD DeSean: 6 for 64, 2 TD. It's Jackson's first career multiple TD-catch game.

Eagles 28, Bucs 20

Drive: 5 plays, 66 yards, 1:58

@RoobCSN: 44 to Riley, 36 to DeSean, and Nick Foles is making quite a case to keep this job. #EaglesTalk

(well, Riley did most of the work on the 44)

Bucs' ball, own 20

SHUTDOWN INNING: Connor Barwin sacks Glennon on third down, big stand by the Eagles' D. Now the offense has to put it away.

Eagles' ball, own 45

SHADY'S SHOULDERS: McCoy runs on seven of eight plays (Brown had the other). Then on fourth down, instead of kicking a 35-yard field goal, the Eagles line up and draw the Bucs offside (Shady took a hit on that play), 2:58 remain. Tampa uses all three of its timeouts, the final with 2:38 left. 

FIELD GOAL: Henery hits a 24-yarder.

Eagles 31, Bucs 20 - 2:34 left

Drive: 12 plays, 49 yards, 5:25 

Bucs' ball, own 25

WHOOPS BRANDON: Boykin a chance to seal it with a pick but drops it. He'll see that in his sleep. 

FINAL: Eagles 31, Buccaneers 20

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