In-Game Updates: Eagles 36, Giants 21

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In-Game Updates: Eagles 36, Giants 21
October 6, 2013, 11:15 am
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Michael Vick rushed for 79 yards on seven carries in the first half before leaving with an injured hamstring. (AP)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- News, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Giants at MetLife Stadium. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse.


Eagles' ball, own 20

BAD START: Lane Johnson false start on the first play. DeSean Jackson is open on 3rd-and-11 but drops it. Punt. 

Giants' ball, own 38

TOUCHDOWN: One play after Bradley Fletcher breaks up a deep ball to Reuben Randle, the Giants do deep again -- and this time Eli Manning connects on a 49-yarder to Hakeem Nicks. That sets up a five-yard TD run by David Wilson, who celebrates with a double backflip. His fantasy owners do the same.

Giants 7, Eagles 0

Drive: 5 plays, 62 yards, 2:24

@RoobCSN: Giants had one touchdown on their previous 34 possessions.

@GeoffMosherCSN: More yards on one catch for Hakeem Nicks (49) than two of his past two games (33).

Eagles' ball, own 20

ALL VICK: 3rd-and-3 -- Vick gets five. After a Jason Kelce hold -- on a questionable running play on 3rd-and-9 -- Vick sprints for 34. But on 2rd-and-12, he steps out just before the first down, and Bryce Brown is stuffed on 3rd-and-1.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Alex Henery hits a 40-yarder. 

Giants 7, Eagles 3

Drive: 10 plays, 58 yards, 4:48

@RoobCSN: Michael Vick 48 yards rushing, 0 yards passing.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Vick stepped OOB one yard shy on that 11-yard scramble and Shady can't get the one yard. Problems near red zone continue.

Giants' ball, own 23

CHUCKING CARY: Williams sticks Nicks at the line, but Nicks brushes him aside and gains 21 on a slant. 

@GeoffMosherCSN: Nicks overpowering Cary Williams in man coverage

@GeoffMosherCSN: Still seeing missed tackles by Eagles defense. Cole lunged earlier in drive, couldn't stop Wilson behind scrimmage.

PUNT: The Giants suddenly look like an 0-4 team again. A pair of penalties move them back 15, then a diving David Wilson can't come up with a nice pass down the sideline from Eli.

@GeoffMosherCSN: And that, right there, is why the Giants are winless. Two penalties, then can't down a punt inside the 3 w/a guy right there.

Eagles' ball, own 20

@GonzoCSN: No passing yards for the Eagles. You can't rush these things. 

LOOK OUT FOR NO. 90: Somehow Jason Pierre-Paul is unblocked and zips right by Jason Peters (engaged in another block) and bats Vick's pass on third down. Biggest gain on that drive for the Eagles came courtesy of an unnecessary roughness call on Antrel Rolle, who ripped off Brent Celek's helmet, giving the Eagles 15 yards. At least the special teams made a play -- Brandon Boykin catches the punt to pin the Giants at their own 5.

SAFETY? The Eagles gang-tackle David Wilson deep in his own end zone, but he's ruled down at the 2 (forward progress). Giants go three-and-out anyway.

@RoobCSN: Can't challenge. Forward progress is judgment call. Brutal.


Eagles' ball, own 40

SIGNS OF LIFE: A 17-yard run by Shady and nice leaping catch by Zach Ertz for 24 more. Then the drive implodes in the red zone. First-and-goal at the seven. Chris Polk gets three, Shady is tripped up a loss of five by safety Will Hill, then Vick misses Jason Avant in the end zone on third down.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Henery hits from 27.

Giants 7, Eagles, 6

Drive: 8 plays, 51 yards, 3:21

@GeoffMosherCSN: Eagles fall to 5 for 13 in red zone offense.

Giants' ball, own 20

THREE-AND-OUT: As soon as I typed the field position, the Giants punted. This looks like a JV game.

Eagles' ball, own 29

HE CAUGHT THAT? Vick deep to DeSean - the ball sails through the hands of leaping corner Trumaine McBride (in for Corey Webster) for 56 yards. 

TOUCHDOWN: After a Vick 14-yard run to the 1, Shady pushes it into the end zone.

Eagles 13, Giants 7

Drive: 4 plays, 71 yards, 1:29

@RoobCSN: That was DeSean Jackson's 19th catch as an Eagle of 50 yards or more. Most in NFL since 2008 (Calvin Johnson 16).

Giants' ball, own 20

FUMBLE: Brandon Jacobs (remember, he's back) coughs it up, Mychal Kendricks recovers. Not sure if the Eagles should actually get credit for a turnover on that one.

Eagles' ball, Giants' 47

VICK HURT? Vick runs for 13 but grabs his left hamstring just after going out of bounds. He jogs back on the field. A few plays later, after Shady catches a toss and slips for a one-yard gain on 3rd-and-4, Vick is hit late by Justin Tuck, no call.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Henery hits a 29-yarder.

Eagles 16, Giants 7

Drive: 8 plays, 36 yards, 3:51

Giants' ball, own 14

BIG DROP: Reuben Randle can't come down with a deep ball - Bradley Fletcher was right there and may have distracted him, but Randle should have had it. Giants punt.

Eagles' ball, own 7

**VICK PANCAKED/FOLES IN: Vick finally gets rid of it in his own end zone, is smashed by Jason Pierre-Paul and replaced by Nick Foles.  

INJURY UPDATE: Connor Barwin having X-rays on left leg, return questionable.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Foles completes 7 of 8 passes for 68 yards, including a pretty ball to DeSean for 21 yards -- the ball was in the air before DeSean turned -- that sets up a 36-yarder by Henery, his fourth of the half. The Giants ar booed off the field.

Eagles 19, Giants 7

Drive: 11 plays, 75 yards, 1:33


@RoobCSN: If Vick can't return, Eagles will lose their top rusher and second-best quarterback.


Giants' ball, own 20

BARWIN'S BACK: Only thing notable from that Giants' three-and-out is that Barwin is back on the field after having his leg X-rayed.

Eagles' ball, own 22

VICK UPDATE: Injured hamstring, return questionable. Foles is starting the second half.

UNDER REVIEW: On 3rd-and-10, Shady makes a tough catch for 11 yards and keeps both feet it - confirmed by review, Giants lose timeout. So far, so good for Foles.  

@NslotkinCSN: Who is the Super Bowl winning coach here?  awful decision ,Coughlin calls TO then loses challenge, loses 2 TO on 1 play

SHADY STOPPED: McCoy loses three yards, then after an 11-yard reception by Brent Celek, who loses his helmet again, Shady is dragged down for a loss of six on 3rd-and-2 by old friend Mike Patterson, and two talk some trash.

Giants' ball, own 13

ANOTHER DEEP MISS: Manning to Victor Cruz.. too far. But they're moving the ball anyway - a 24-yarder to TE Brandon Myers and 20-yarder to Randle has them threatening. Then instead of a 4th-and-2 at the 29, the Eagles accept a penalty and give the Giants a 3rd-and-7. Nicks gets the first down with a 14-yard catch-and-run, and then ...

TOUCHDOWN: Randle on a crossing pattern - no shock there - 26 yards, TD.

Eagles 19, Giants 14

Drive: 7 plays, 87 yards, 3:44

Eagles' ball, own 20

THERE ARE FANS HERE: Giants' D getting themselves fired up in a huddle, fans responding as Welcome to the Jungle blares at MetLife Stadium. Loudest it's been in a couple hours.

EAGLES RESPOND? Eh no. False start on Jason Peters. Bryce Brown loses a yard, then watches a pass to him fall incomplete. Foles hits DeSean on third down, but he gains nine when he needed 16. Punt.

MUFF?? Looks like Randle drops the punt, but Boykin is called for fair catch interference. Looks like a weak call, no replay here.

Giants' ball, own 49

BOYKIN PICKED ON AGAIN: The Giants go deep to Cruz twice. Both are well covered and incomplete, but Boykin is called for pass interference on the second one. Looked like incidental contact if anything..maybe feet got tangled. Tough two plays for Boykin.

OUT OF TIMEOUTS: Giants call their third and final TO. Remember, lost two earlier on that challenge.

TOO EASY: Jerrel Jernigan makes an easy seven-yard catch in front of Williams for the first down.

TOUCHDOWN: Manning scrambles, Randle fights through traffic and makes the catch in front of Earl Wolff - nice coverage, didn't make the play - for the score.

Giants 21, Eagles 19

Drive: 7 plays, 51 yards, 1:57

Eagles' ball, own 20
EAGLES GET A CALL: Jackson draws PI, +27. Then Foles finds Avant, +21 - forcing Gonz to tweet: For a second I thought Jason Avant was going to break that and then my brain was like hahahahah that's stupid. Then on 3rd-and-6, Foles steps up, real nice pass to lead DeSean +7 for the first down. Those are the last yards the Eagles gain on the drive.

FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT: Henery hits his fifth FG, a 41-yarder.

Eagles 22, Giants 21

Drive: 8 plays, 57 yards, 2:42

Giants' ball, own 21


UGLY: Manning and Jacobs don't appear to be on the same page. First, Manning throws it to no one and is called for intentional grounding - and looks like he's upset with Jacobs afterward. Then on the next play, Manning is rushed and tosses it to Jacobs - who isn't ready for it. The ball hits his helmet and falls incomplete. Punt. Remember, the Giants brought Jacobs back after Wilson fumbled twice in the season opener.

Eagles' ball, own 36

AND UGLIER: (or maybe the other way around). Anyway..  Foles can't find anyone open, and when he did, he saw a rare drop by Avant.

Giants' ball, own 20

@RoobCSN: Henery's 5 field goals match 2nd-most in Eagles history. Tom Dempsey made 6 in Houston in 1972. Akers & Gary Anderson also made 5 in a game.

INTERCEPTION: Manning's pocket collapses, pass deflects off his lineman's helmet and into the arms of Kendricks, who appears on his way to a pick 6 before he falls down and is down at the Giants' 25.

Eagles' ball, Giants' 25

TOUCHDOWN: Just when you thought Kendricks' collapse would result in another field goal, Foles lofts one to Celek for a TD. Nice ball.

@RoobCSN: Great play by Mychal Kendricks, but did he just get tackled by the 22-yard-line?

Eagles 29, Giants 21

Drive: 1 play, 25 yards, 9 seconds

Giants' ball, own 20

NICE COVERAGE: Manning's pass over the middle pinballs between a few Eagles. ***Then Brandon Boykin makes a leaping interception, ripping it away from Victor Cruz with one hand. It looked like Cruz had it with two hands before Boykin snared it with one. Fletcher Cox was on Manning during the throw. Replay confirms the ruling on the field.

@RoobCSN: Secondary has been really aggressive today. They've gotten beat plenty but at least they've been aggressive to the ball. Small steps.

Eagles' ball, Giants' 38

TOUCHDOWN: Foles pretty pass to DeSean +28 .. then an amusing three-yard run ... then another pretty pass to DeSean for the TD, and Jackson mocks Cruz's Salsa Dance.

Eagles 36, Giants 21

Drive: 4 plays, 38 yards, 1:38 

@GonzoCSN: DeSean Jackson just did the Victor Cruz salsa dance. Muy caliente!

Giants' ball, own 34

ANOTHER PICK: This time, it's Cary Williams with the diving takeaway. Third interception (Kendricks and Boykin).

@RoobCSN: Eagles are 2nd team in NFL history with 415 or more yards of offense in each of its first 5 games. The 1983 Dan Fouts Chargers also did it.

Eagles' ball, Giants' 49

THREE-AND-OUT: Boykin downs the punt at the Giants' 1 ... but the Eagles are flagged for three penalties on the play (really??) and they have to rekick. This one bounces inside the five - probably tired, Boykin is 10 yards away - and into the end zone.

Giants' ball, own 20

INTENTIONAL GROUNDING: Why note this? Because it's Manning's third of the day. Plus three picks. Sheesh.

This one's over.

@RoobCSN: Eagles are now the first team in NFL history to net 430 or more yards in each of their first five games.

Final: Eagles 36, Giants 21

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