In-Game Updates: Eagles-Vikings

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In-Game Updates: Eagles-Vikings

In-Game Live: Cowboys at Eagles -9/20

December 15, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Nick Foles warms up before Sunday's game against Minnesota. (AP)

Here are news, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Vikings. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse. Here are your inactives.

@RoobCSN: Just chatted with Adrian Peterson about LeSean McCoy: "I'd buy a ticket to see him play."

@RoobCSN: More AP on Shady: “I like him. Quick, fast, explosive. It’s really exciting to watch him because you know something spectacular can come."

COIN TOSS: Eagles win the toss, defer. Vikings will receive.


Vikings' ball, own 25

MISSED FG: Couple first downs by Adrian Peterson/Toby Gerhart's replacement Matt Asiata, couple catches by Cordarrelle Patterson, an 18-yard reception by former Eagles TE Chase Ford... but Blair Walsh's 55-yard field goal is wide left. 

Eagles' ball, own 45

THREE AND OUT: Complete to Riley Cooper -- for loss of one. LeSean McCoy gets stuffed up the middle. Nick Foles then throws over Zach Ertz's head/through his hands - would be short of first anyway. Only good thing - nice punt, once again, by Donnie Jones, fair caught at the 9 by CB Marcus Sherels. 

Vikings' ball, own 9

TOUCHDOWN: Matt Cassel steps up, avoids Trent Cole and then Fletcher Cox, and goes deep to Greg Jennings, who beats Patrick Chung for a 57-yard touchdown. Jennings lined up in the slot, flew by Chung, Nate Allen couldn't catch up. 

Vikings 7, Eagles 0

Drive: 4 plays, 91 yards, 2:04 (Vikings' longest drive of the season)

Eagles' ball, own 20 

FIELD GOAL: Shady starts the drive with a 16-yard run. Then Foles takes over with his feet -- running for nine on 1st-and-20 after a pass interference on Jason Avant, for 21 on 3rd-and-11 after a drop by Chris Polk, and for six more on first down. Then Shady gets stuffed, Jared Allen sacks Foles, and Alex Henery hits a 35-yarder.

Vikings 7, Eagles 3

Drive: 9 plays, 63 yards (Foles 36 rushing), 3:43

Kickoff: Another short kick to keep it away from Patterson.

Vikings' ball, own 38 

@GeoffMosherCSN: Kurt Coleman is in the game for Pat Chung. #EaglesTalk

@NSlotkinCSN: Vikings lead Eagles 7-3 after 1st qtr and Minn driving at PHI 37.  Matt Cassel has been sharp: 9-9, 168yds, TD. #Eaglestalk


FIELD GOAL: Jennings catch gets 22, Simpson +19 and drilled by DeMeco Ryans. Cary Williams good timing to hit Patterson and cause an incompletion in the end zone. Then on 3rd-and-goal, Cassel throws to the corner, in between Simpson and Joe Webb, incomplete.

Vikings 10, Eagles 3

Drive: 10 plays, 59 yards, 4:16

Eagles' ball, own 20

FIELD GOAL: Eagles get DeSean into the game. Foles hangs in the pocket on 3rd-and-8 and hits DeSean for 17. Then DeSean down the sideline for 20 more. Foles goes deep to Riley Cooper, who makes the catch, but his left foot lands just out of bounds.

Then on 4th-and-1 at the 18, Chip Kelly calls a reverse, and DeSean scores - but Nick Foles' block at the knees of a Vikings defender negates it. Foles is called for unnecessary roughness, and Alex Henery drills a 51-yarder. Foles' block wasn't needed - DeSean was already passed him.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Henery 51 FG ties for longest of his career. also had one at Dallas his rookie season. #EaglesTalk

Vikings 10, Eagles 6

Drive: 10 plays, 47 yards, 4:24

Vikings' ball, own 25

TOUCHDOWN: Debatable pass interference on Bradley Fletcher in the end zone on an incompletion to Jerome Simpson -- there was contact, but eh -- and then Asiata muscles in the TD from the 1 to cap a methodical drive, the longest plays of which were each 12-yard runs - one by Cassel, one by Patterson, who looked like he wanted to throw it but instead reversed field and ran for the first. 

@GeoffMosherCSN: I've seen Bradley Fletcher do a lot worse and not get flagged. #EaglesTalk

@NSlotkinCSN: Vikings drive was 16 plays, 75 yds in 7:49..longest drive by [Eagles] opponent in plays and time all season. #Eaglestalk

Vikings 17, Eagles 6

Drive: 16 plays, 75 yards, 7:49

Eagles' ball, own 20

FIELD GOAL: Shady makes something out of nothin', coming down with a touch catch on a screen and running through several defenders and getting out of bounds for a 22-yard gain on 3rd-and-4. That sets up a 33-yard field goal by Henery. Before that, a couple completions to Cooper gets 17, and a 21-yard reception to DeSean. 

Vikings 17, Eagles 9

Drive: 8 plays, 66 yards, 1:06


@NSlotkinCSN: Vikings 257 yds offense, 15 first downs in one half... Lions: 228 yds, 11 first downs all of last week. #Eaglestalk

@RoobCSN: Foles was 5-for-6 for 66 yards on that last drive. After all that, a one possession game. Can defense can get its act together in 2H?


Eagles' ball, own 20

THREE AND OUT: Foles on second down holds on to the ball too long and gets sacked. Then he misses an open Jason Avant on third down.

Vikings' ball, own 48

TOUCHDOWN: Matt Cassel 6-yard run up the middle is set up by a 42-yard catch by Jarius Wright, who held on despite good coverage from Bradley Fletcher, who appeared to get a hand on the ball. 

Vikings 24, Eagles 9

Drive: 4 plays, 52 yards, 1:38

Eagles' ball, own 20

INTERCEPTION: Foles goes deep to DeSean, who's covered -- and picked by CB Shaun Prater, who was on the Eagles' practice squad earlier this season. First career interception and second of season for Foles. DeSean is upset on the sideline.

Vikings' ball, own 35

THREE AND OUT: Finally, the Eagles force the Vikings to punt - first one of the game. Questionable offsetting penalties on the punt, so Vikings rekick. 

@TheRealDGunnCSN: Vikings 1st punt of the day wow. no peterson no gerhart no problem

@TheRealDGunnCSN: a few moments ago [an] upset desean jackson was yelling at an assistant had to be restrained by McCoy and avant #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 15 

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: Wow: On third down, Shady appeared to get it, but is ruled short - Kelly should have challenged that spot. But on 4th-and-1 from his own 24, Kelly goes for it, and Shady is ruled down a few inches short. Kelly challenges, but it's upheld. Tough to see where the ball is on the replay.

Vikings' ball, Eagles' 24

FIELD GOAL: DeMeco sack ruins that series, which ends with a Blair Walsh 38-yarder. 

Vikings 27, Eagles 9

Drive: 4 plays, 4 yards, 1:21

KICKOFF: Brandon Boykin brings it out and lands hard, stays on the field for a few minutes before slowly walking off the field.

@GeoffMosherCSN: Fans doing "the wave" as Boykin is on the ground. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 30 

TOUCHDOWN: Great catch by DeSean, stays with it while the ball faded over his shoulder, for a 30-yard score. Before that, Foles to Avant for 13 on 3rd-and-10, a 15-yarder to DeSean and a 12-yard run by LeSean after a little mixup with Foles.

Vikings 27, Eagles 16 

Drive: 6 plays, 70 yards, 1:29 

Vikings' ball, own 34

INTERCEPTION: One play after Cedric Thornton bulldozed Joe Berger to stop Asiata for a 4-yard loss, Mychal Kendricks comes down with a deflected pass - Bennie Logan's helmet - for the huge interception.

INJURIES: Kurt Coleman (hamstring) is out. Boykin (head) questionable to return.

Eagles' ball, Vikings' 45

TOUCHDOWN: Welcome back tight ends. First, Ertz 17-yard catch. Then Celek takes a screen and rumbles 25 yards, and Ertz makes a great one-handed catch for the score. Two-point conversion fails - incomplete.

@RoobCSN: Nick Foles in the third quarter: 10-for-16, 145 yards, two touchdowns.

Vikings 27, Eagles 22

Drive: 3 plays, 45 yards, 1:03

ANOTHER SQUIB: Ford takes it to the Vikes' 46.


Vikings' ball, own 46

TOUCHDOWN: Killer. On 3rd-and-14, Colt Anderson misses a tackle on Ford, whose 37-yard catch puts it at the Eagles' 5. Then Asiata takes it from there, scoring from the 1 on second down.

Vikings 34, Eagles 22

Drive: 6 plays, 54 yards, 2:14

KICKOFF: Brad Smith 47-yard return to the Vikes' 44.

Eagles' ball, own 44

THREE AND OUT: On 3rd-and-2, Jared Allen sacks Foles. Phew. 

Vikings' ball, own 20

PUNT: After a 31-yard catch on a double move by Greg Jennings, Eagles get a break when Simpson talks with Fletcher, who pushes him down - and Simpson is flagged for taunting. Then on the punt, Roc Carmichael is flagged for taunting.. what on earth could have had said on a punt that dribbled out of bounds at the Eagles' 9? Makeup call?

Eagles' ball, own 5

THREE AND OUT:  Checkdown to Shady gets 2, then ugly passes to Ertz and DeSean (not on the same page there). 

Vikings' ball, Eagles' 36

@RoobCSN: Colt Anderson is the latest Eagles' d-back out for the game. Knee. Eagles already down Coleman, Boykin and Wolff.

FLAGS: Carmichael (taunting), Chung (hit) and now Cary Williams (unnecessary roughness).

TOUCHDOWN: Nice back shoulder throw by Cassel to Patterson, 5 yards.

Vikings 41, Eagles 22

Drive: 3 plays, 36 yards, 1:01

Eagles' ball, own 20

TOUCHDOWN: DeSean great individual effort turns a short catch into a 51-yard gain to the 5. Then, after a sack, Foles hits Avant for a 16-yard score. Then Cooper converts the two-point conversion.

Vikings 41, Eagles 30

Drive: 7 plays, 80 yards, 2:28

ONSIDE KICK: Jerome Simpson recovers.

Vikings' ball, Eagles' 48, 4:25 left

TOUCHDOWN: Asiata blows through the Birds' D after a PI call on Fletcher gives the Vikes 1st-and-goal on the 7.

Vikings 48, Eagles 30

Drive: 8 plays, 48 yards, 3:17 

Eagles' ball, own 20


FINAL: 48-30 Vikings