In-Game Updates: Giants 15, Eagles 7

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In-Game Updates: Giants 15, Eagles 7
October 27, 2013, 1:00 pm
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Eli Manning and Michael Vick, pictured here on the field before Sunday's game, had passer ratings of 56.1 and 69.0 in their Week 5 meeting, in which Vick left in the second quarter with a pulled hamstring. (AP)

News, notes, observations and tweets from Eagles-Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. For the latest stats and to watch our quarterly updates with Michael Barkann, Ray Didinger and Brian Westbrook, see In-Game Live. For our social media center, see Eagles Pulse.

As expected, Michael Vick is active. Nick Foles isn't. Safety Patrick Chung (shoulder) is out. Rookie Earl Wolff starts for Chung. Linebacker Emmanuel Acho will also make his NFL debut. Here are your inactives.


Giants' ball, own 20

THREE-AND-OUT: Good opening series for the D against the banged-up Giants. Without injured RBs Brandon Jacobs or David Wilson, the Giants are relying on Michael Cox and Peyton Hillis. Cox gets three on first down but loses it on second as Mychal Kendricks blasts through the line. Jerrel Jernigan makes the catch on third, but the Eagles -- Brandon Boykin -- stop him just short of the first. 

DeSean Jackson back to field the punt - and Steve Weatherford shanks it out of bounds. 

Eagles' ball, own 41

INTERCEPTION: Not sure what happened there. Vick looks for Celek but is picked off by Antrel Rolle. Was Celek supposed to run an in instead of an out? Or was it simply a bad (real bad) pass? Giants loses 15 after being flagged for a coordinated celebration. Not much to celebrate this year for them, so I guess you can't blame them,

Giants' ball, own 21

FIELD GOAL: Nice back shoulder thrown and better catch by Hakeem Nicks, who hangs on for +22 despite being blanketed by Bradley Fletcher. Manning finds Victor Cruz open over the middle, +18. The D tightens as the Giants approach the red zone. Cary Williams blows up a bubble screen to Nicks. Then on 3rd-and-10, Manning goes for Nicks in the end zone, but he has no chance to catch it, tight coverage by Williams. Josh Brown hits a 40-yarder. 

@GeoffMosherCSN: A more deliberate passing attack so far for Giants than last game, when they went deep right off the bat.  

@NSlotkinCSN: Opponents have scored first in 7 of 8 gms vs Eagles this season (only exception vs TB on Foles TD run) 

Giants 3, Eagles 0

Drive: 9 plays, 57 yards, 4:24

Eagles' ball, own 20

BOOOS: cascade down from the crowd at the Linc after that brutal series. Vick is plastered by Rolle for a 12-yard loss and leaps forward to recover his own fumble. LeSean McCoy runs for three, then catches a pass for seven but can't get back to the line of scrimmage. Donnie Jones' 53-yard punt barely misses making contact with Trumaine McBride and is downed at the Giants' 29.

Giants' ball, own 29

FIELD GOAL: Brandon Myers is wide open for a 27-yard catch. A couple Hillis runs bring the Giants near the red zone, but the D then tightens again -- and gets a little lucky as an open Victor Cruz falls down on 3rd-and-3 -- and Josh Brown hits a 44-yarder.

Giants 6, Eagles 0

Drive: 7 plays, 45 yards, 3:04

@GeoffMosherCSN: Cruz has given Boykin some problems in past games. He slipped, or else would have had the first down.  #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 20

MORE BOOS: An intentional grounding penalty costs the Eagles 14 yards and kills the drive. Eagles punt. Again. 

@RoobCSN: I said all week I don't care how many INTs Barkley threw Sunday, if Vick isn't healthy, Barkley should be playing. What's the point of this?

Vick is 4 for 6 for 23 yards with an interception, intentional grounding and has been sacked once.

@NSlotkinCSN: Eagles starting QBs last 2 weeks (4 qtrs): 15-35, 103yds, 1 INT, 0 TD Brutal #eaglestalk

Giants' ball, own 37


BARKLEY THROWING: Matt Barkley throwing on the sideline, Vick is on the bike. 

FIELD GOAL: Great throw by Manning to hit Cruz for 26 on 3rd-and-5, despite decent coverage by Boykin. The Giants have a 1st-and-goal at the 5, but the Eagles hold (or get a bit lucky). An illegal formation costs the Giants five, Nicks nearly makes an outstanding catch but was out of bounds, and on third down, tight end Larry Donnell makes the catch in the end zone but is out of bounds -- for no reason.

INJURY: Cary Williams hurt? He walks off.

Josh Brown hits a 33-yarder.

Giants 9, Eagles 0

Drive: 12 plays, 48 yards, 5:31

@GeoffMosherCSN: Uhhh, Vick and Barkley each have their helmets on. I'm done. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 20

VICK'S STILL IN: At least it wasn't a three-and-out (they got a first down), but the Eagles still haven't crossed midfield. LeSean McCoy is thrown for a three-yard loss, and after an offside penalty gives the Eagles 3rd-and-5, a pass to Zach Ertz is dropped/knocked away (tough to tell). 

@NslotkinCSN: Eagles forced to punt again....that's 12 punts in last 5+ quarters. #Eaglestalk

@RoobCSN: 20 consecutive drives without a touchdown for the Eagles. #EaglesTalk

Giants' ball, own 19

NEW QB? Barkley warming up, taking snaps on the sideline.

FIELD GOAL: Giants methodically move to the Eagles' 48, Bradley Fletcher is called for a questionable PI for bumping Cruz (nickel-dimer), Boykin blitzes and wraps up Manning but can't take him down, and Manning gets rid of it to remain in field-goal range. Brown to attempt a 46-yarder ... good by plenty.

Giants 12, Eagles 0

Drive: 9 plays, 53 yards, 5:08

Eagles' ball, own 20

BARKLEY IN: Here's his first drive: 

Bad: Drops first snap ...
Good: But recovers to hit Brent Celek +9.
Good: Makes long throw from left hash to right sideline -- sailed for a while -- to DeSean, +13.
Bad: Misses an open Zach Ertz over the middle.
Good: Lobs one to LeSean, who draws PI on Jon Beason.
Good: Nice ball to Jason Avant, +14 to the 2.
Bad (real bad): On 1st-and-goal, Barkley holds on to the ball too long, can't outrun CB Terrell Thomas and is stripped. LB Jacquian Williams recovers and controls the ball just before falling out of bounds - confirmed by replay. That's four NFL drives for Barkley - and four turnovers.

@RoobCSN: One thing about 1st and goal from the 2 with a rookie quarterback: LeSean McCoy.

Giants' ball, own 12

HALFTIME: Giants 12, Eagles 0

INJURIES: Vick hamstring (questionable return), Polk shoulder (probable)

@NSlotkinCSN: And that 1st half is thankfully over.. .12-0 NYG.  2 Eagles turnovers, 3 punts. PHI outgained 229-72. 

@RoobCSN: Last time Eagles were scoreless in the first half two straight weeks was October 2006 [Jacksonville & Tampa]. Before Garcia took over for 5.


Eagles' ball, own 25

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown get the Eagles to the Giants' 27, when on 3rd-and-5, Barkley has Riley Cooper open -- but doesn't pull the trigger and gets sacked for a five-yard loss. Instead of attempting a 50-yarder, Chip Kelly goes for it on 4th-and-9, but Barkley fumbles the snap and then lofts a duck incomplete

Giants' ball, own 32

THREE-AND-OUT: Bradley Fletcher pile-drives Victor Cruz - he's down - and Nate Allen stops Nicks short of a first on 3rd-and-4. Great punt, 56 yards bounces at the Eagles' 5 and out of bounds. 

@TheRealDGunnCSN: say what you want to about nate allen but he has played well over last 3 games #eaglestalk

INJURY: Cruz undergoing X-rays on his neck.

Eagles' ball, own 5

THREE-AND-OUT: Shady +3, Shady +6 and Shady, on 3rd-and-1... cuts back instead of going around the corner and doesn't get the first.

Giants' ball, own 36

THREE-AND-OUT: Connor Barwin pressures Manning into an intentional grounding penalty (-19) then bats down a pass on the next play. 

NICE EFFORT DESEAN: Jackson coasts after the punt like an outfielder shagging flies during BP, misses the ball and watches it trickle out at the 3. That's a 68-yard punt. 

Eagles' ball, own 3 

DESEAN, DESEAN: On 3rd-and-8, DeSean makes the catch a yard shy of the first but doesn't turn upfield and is stopped. Ugly. Then Jones' punt looks like it got shot out of the air, a 29-yarder.

Giants' ball, Eagles' 41


FIELD GOAL: Longest play of this drive is a 13-yard pass to Victor Cruz (X-rays were negative). Earlier, the Eagles had a chance to get off the field on 3rd-and-1, but Cox barely got the first down. Kendricks had a shot at him but appeared to overrun the play a bit. Brown hits his fifth field goal, a 27-yarder.

Giants 15, Eagles 0

Drive: 9 plays, 32 yards, 5:58

@RoobCSN: Last time the Eagles were held scoreless through 3 quarters in consecutive games was 2000 [Cowboys, Giants ... beat Giants 16-13 in OT].

@GeoffMosherCSN: Eagles have gone 7Q without a touchdown. #EaglesTalk

Eagles' ball, own 21

PUNT? Eagles move the ball to the Giants' 47 -- 25-yard catch by Avant -- but Barkley's pass to Riley Cooper is off target on 3rd-and-4. Then they punt. Remember, they went for it on 4th-and-9.

Giants' ball, own 10

NICE PLAY BOYKIN: Real nice diving play by Boykin to break up a pass to Nicks on 3rd-and-5. Giants punt.

Eagles' ball, own 38

TURNOVER ON DOWNS: On 4th-and-20, Zach Ertz catches a five-yard pass. Enough said. Mass exodus from the Linc with 5:13 remaining.

Giants' ball, own 41

TOUCHDOWN - EAGLES: On a punt, the snap sails over Weatherford's head - maybe kick it out of the end zone? - tries to pick it up at the 2, doesn't, and LB Najee Goode recovers and scores. Kelly elected to kick the PAT instead of going for two.

Giants 15, Eagles 7

@RoobCSN: Did that just happen? Najee Goode with the touchdown. We have a game. #EaglesTalk

ONSIDE KICK: Rolle recovers.

Giants' ball, Eagles' 48

@RoobCSN: And I hate the onside kick, too.

PUNT: Giants take over with 3:35 left ... punt it back with 36 seconds left. 

Eagles' ball, own 16 - 27 seconds left

INTERCEPTION: Barkley goes deep to DeSean, picked by Will Hill.

FINAL: Giants 15, Eagles 7

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