How confident are you in the Eagles' offense?

How confident are you in the Eagles' offense?
July 23, 2014, 10:15 am
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Plenty of questions surround the Eagles' offense as the kickoff to the 2014 season approaches, but in the minds of Reuben Frank and Dave Spadaro, Nick Foles isn't one of them.

Frank and Spadaro expressed confidence the Eagles' quarterback will be able to handle the increased attention that comes with being at the helm of the team -- a rare instance in which the two reporters agreed on something during a taping of SportsNet Central.

"I don't think pressure's really an issue with Nick Foles," Frank said. "It seems like nothing fazes him, nothing bothers him, nothing gets to him."

The rest of the offense, though, doesn't spark as much confidence -- Darren Sproles, for instance. Both Frank and Spadaro were uncertain how head coach Chip Kelly will employ the running back. At 31, Sproles isn't young anymore. Frank admitted concern about just how much Sproles will be able to run, while Sparado said he expects to see him used more as a receiver.

An even bigger unknown, Spadaro suggested, is a player who was once a key piece of the team's offense but didn't set foot on the field in 2013.

"Jeremy Maclin, coming off the injury," Spadaro said. "What kind of player is he? Is he an elite player?"

What about you? Does the Eagles' offense instill confidence? What should we expect from Foles, Sproles and Maclin?

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