Kelly already showing he's much different from Reid

Kelly already showing he's much different from Reid
February 12, 2013, 11:15 am
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For 14 years we experienced football only one way in Philadelphia -- the Andy Reid way. It served this city well for many years but change was needed.

With Chip Kelly in town it seems like we are getting the polar opposite of Reid. He seems to enjoy his exchange with reporters and looks comfortable in his new role, however it is only a matter of time until the honeymoon comes to an end and Kelly is second guessed about some of his decisions.

He raised some eyebrows with his selection of Billy Davis as defensive coordinator. Davis has 21 years of NFL experience, including two mediocre stints as a defensive coordinator, but the last two years he served under Pat Shurmur as linebackers coach in Cleveland. Shurmur brings NFL head coaching experience to Kelly’s staff but there is a risk involved with a pair of key coaching hires fresh off two dreadful seasons in Cleveland, where the Browns went a combined 9-23 during Shurmur’s tenure.

The more controversial move was the decision to bring back Michael Vick. After watching film on Vick from last year, Kelly says he likes what he sees out of Vick’s game and likes the fact that Vick and Nick Foles will be competing for the starting quarterback job.

The move to keep Vick could come back to haunt Kelly, but he is limited with options. Other than Alex Smith, there is not a deep pool of available quarterbacks and this year's NFL Draft is not filled with promising young QBs.

We are over six months away from Kelly taking the field for the first time in a regular season game and I must say I am intrigued with what he will do with this team. He has the chance to be so innovative in a league of copycats that the Eagles might thrive. From his play-calling to the hiring of a coach classified as sports science coordinator, it appears Kelly is not afraid to rock the boat. 

Philadelphia wanted change and we got it. Love him or loathe him, the Eagles under Andy Reid were traditionally very competitive in the NFC East and matching Reid’s success will not be easy. But Kelly will be doing it his way.