LeSean McCoy apologizes for obscene Twitter feud

LeSean McCoy apologizes for obscene Twitter feud
January 28, 2013, 6:30 pm
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LeSean McCoy apologized Monday for his well-documented and obscene Twitter exchange over the weekend with the mother of his baby son.

The 24-year-old McCoy in a statement not only said he is "deeply sorry and remorseful" but also admitted that his account had not been hacked, which he initially claimed it had been before deactivating it.

Here is the full statement:

"In light of the recent events that played out over Twitter this past weekend, I would like to express how deeply sorry and remorseful I am to my family, the Philadelphia Eagles, my fans, and every young person who views me as a role model. This is not who I am as a person, nor the image I ever wanted to portray of myself. It’s definitely not the example I want to set for my son.

"My Twitter account was not hacked. I take full responsibility and I apologize for trying to make it seem like it was not me. Due to my bad judgment and frustration, I allowed a very personal matter to be played out on a social network, of all things. It was immature and unprofessional for me to do so and to encourage others to join in.

"As a parent, emotions are often magnified when there are stressful and emotional situations concerning them.I take great pride in being a good father and strive to one day be a great one. I’ve always done everything in my means to provide for my son financially, emotionally, and most importantly with my time and heart. I am sick over the fact that my actions have caused pain to him and all involved. I have decided to handle this matter privately from here on out and I thank everyone for their continued support."

The inscrutable argument began when McCoy tweeted that he was on vacation somewhere much warmer than Philadelphia. The woman replied with a spelling correction (vacation instead of vocation) and was then critical of McCoy's ability to be an effective father, igniting a crude feud, during which McCoy requested that his followers assist him in his assault.

The four-year veteran compiled 1,123 yards from scrimmage last season in 12 games (he missed four with a concussion). Since 2010, when he became the Eagles' starting running back, McCoy is fourth in the league among running backs in total touchdowns (34), sixth in rushing touchdowns (26), seventh in yards from scrimmage (4,509) and 10th in rushing yards (3,222). He earned his first Pro Bowl selection in 2011 after leading the NFL with 17 rushing touchdowns and 20 total, both franchise records.

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