LeSean McCoy: 'It's time to win a championship'

LeSean McCoy: 'It's time to win a championship'

Vick may look elsewhere to start next season

January 30, 2014, 1:45 pm
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LeSean McCoy was wowed by Eagles fans' presence in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, he said Thursday. (USA Today Images)

LeSean McCoy wants to win a Super Bowl, and he wants to win it for you.

Just a few weeks after telling Bloomberg he thought the Eagles could win multiple titles over the next five years, McCoy was a guest on SportsCenter Thursday.

Asked why he was so confident: "[It's] the type of talent we have in that room, the leadership and the coaches," he answered. "Coach Kelly is always finding ways to make the team better ... and we're buying into it."

McCoy then reiterated that it's time for the franchise to win its first ever Super Bowl, before lauding the passion -- and travel-habits -- of the Eagles fans.

"It's great to have a good season, win the rushing title, things like that, but it's time to win a championship. We have so many diehard fans. When I was in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, I saw so many Eagles fans just going crazy for us.

"And I've been to the Pro Bowl before, and it was cool. But just seeing the fans -- really, actually seeing them. The way they were interacting with the players, out of all the teams, the Eagles fans stood out."

After praising Peyton Manning, McCoy actually swung his prediction in the other direction and picked the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. (So did this soothsaying zoo captive.)

You can probably guess who McCoy picked to win it next year.