McNabb says RGIII is 'getting brainwashed'

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McNabb says RGIII is 'getting brainwashed'

August 13, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Donovan McNabb said Tuesday that he thinks Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is "getting brainwashed." (USA Today Images)

The back and forth between Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and recently-retired Eagle Donovan McNabb continues to roll on this summer.

After some previous critical comments of Griffin, McNabb stated his desire to sit down and chat with last season's No. 2 overall pick. Griffin told GQ in a story published Tuesday, via ProFootballTalk, why he decided not take McNabb up on his offer for advice.

"I don't think Donovan is an idiot by any means," Griffin said. "But right now, it's probably best we don't talk."

McNabb later voiced his displeasure with those comments and the way the Redskins organization is handling the young quarterback.

"I'm just trying to help him, but clearly the young generation think they have all the answers," McNabb said on NBC Sports Radio's Under Center with McNabb and Malone. "And he's going through a little turmoil right now of trying to get out on the field. And it's unfortunate, but that's where we're at right now as far as these young quarterbacks who think they have all the answers.

"I honestly think that over there in Washington he's getting brainwashed."

McNabb didn't leave the Redkins on the best of terms after a disappointing 2010 season. They were 5-8 in games he started.

"I hope the best for the young man," McNabb added. "But the direction he's going in is really a direction he does not want to do. He does not want to go there with me."

Griffin also surprised the media Tuesday with an impromptu press conference to say that "there is no conflict" with Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan. The quarterback had commented Monday that he was unhappy with the restrictive practice plan that Shanahan has implemented for him (see full story).

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