Mosher's Mailbag: Will Eagles trade for Gordon?

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Mosher's Mailbag: Will Eagles trade for Gordon?

Riley Cooper: 'I don't feel left out'

September 29, 2013, 8:00 am
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Josh Gordon has 146 receiving yards and one touchdown in three games for Cleveland this season. (USA Today Images)

Each week throughout the season I answer Eagles questions from my Twitter timeline and e-mail. We’ll start this week’s mailbag with a question about a potential Eagles trade.

Q. What (if any) do you think the possibility is of the Eagles making the Browns an offer for either [Josh] Gordon or [Greg] Little?

-Brandon Miller

A. I just don’t see it happening. Let’s start with Josh Gordon, a very talented but troubled receiver. He just came back last week after serving a two-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, which means he’s banned for the season after his next mishap.

Who’s giving up a high draft pick for that?

On the flip side, why would the Browns get rid of Gordon for a low pick when they’re obviously looking to build around the passing attack after dealing away Trent Richardson?

As for Little, is he any better than Riley Cooper? This year, Little has 11 receptions for 78 yards with a long of 18. Cooper has just six catches but for 68 yards and a long of 16. Both have six career TD catches. I’m just not sure Little would be that much of an upgrade, if any, over Cooper.

Q. One opinion that no one in the print or TV media will discuss is ... Why waste another year losing with the old [Michael] Vick again?

-Domenic Zanghi

A. Domenic, Domenic, Domenic. It hurts me to read you ask this question after I spent an entire preseason wondering this same question in stories on and aloud on several of our CSN shows, including PST and SportNite.

All offseason, I presumed Nick Foles and/or Matt Barkley would have an easier path to the starting job than Vick for the very same issue you raised. Why would Chip Kelly build his foundation around a 33-year-old quarterback who probably won’t be on the team in 2014? I’m still not sure.

Regardless, I presumed incorrectly and I’ve been served heaping spoonfuls of humble pie from the Vick fans who felt I had some bias for the other two quarterbacks or against Vick (which is completely untrue). The fact is, Kelly likes a mobile quarterback to lead his offense and Vick only needed to show in the preseason that he could capably lead the offense without turning the ball over or making poor decisions to win the job.

But we’re just three games into the season. Just as we shouldn’t bury Vick for one rough outing against Kansas City, we also shouldn’t dismiss the idea that Foles or Barkley will get their shot at some point down the road. Kelly said Vick wouldn’t be looking over his shoulder -- and Vick shouldn’t have to -- but the Birds are already 1-2 and Vick’s absorbed some big hits in all three games.

It’s a long season. Let’s see how the next few games play out before we start worrying about next year’s quarterback.

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