Philly Brown wants to leave hometown behind

Philly Brown wants to leave hometown behind
February 22, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Corey Brown ranked second in the Big 10 with 10 touchdown catches this past year for Ohio State. (USA Today Images)

INDIANAPOLIS – Even though his name is Philly Brown, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce might not want him as a spokesman for its next promotional campaign.

Philly Brown.

He picked up the name his freshman year at Ohio State, since there was another Corey Brown already on the roster, a kid from Pittsburgh.

The nickname name stuck, and as he walked around Lucas Oil Stadium Friday, he wore his official NFL Scouting Combine hoodie with “P. Brown” on the back.

Brown, a wide receiver from Upper Darby out of Cardinal O’Hara, said he’s proud to be from Philly.

It’s just that he never wants to go back.

“It’s not a good city,” Brown said Friday. “I hope to never go back after this.”

Let the record show Brown was laughing.

But he wasn’t laughing when he talked about the challenges of growing up in a crime-riddled neighborhood and how when he starts a family, he doesn’t want to do it in Upper Darby.

Or Philly.

“I don’t want to go back,” Brown said. “It’s just not a place where you want to raise a family, not right now at least. Besides, I want to go somewhere hot.

“(I want) to be able to provide for my mom and be able to raise my kids in an environment that’s not a dangerous environment. To be able to raise my son or daughter -- whatever it is -- having them be able to grow up in an area where we don’t really have to worry about much.”

By the same token, Brown said he still feels a strong connection to his hometown.

Even though he doesn’t ever want to be there again.

“I’m loyal to Philly,” he said. “I’ve always been loyal to Philly. It’s my city.

“I grew up there. That’s where my family is now. The city means so much to me. I’ve been through so much in the city.

“Every chance I get, I shout out Philly. I carry so much pride with me for that city. For me to get drafted and get another person from our city in the league, it’s just helping us put the city on the map.”

Brown ranked second in the Big 10 with 10 touchdown catches this past year for the Buckeyes. He caught 63 passes for 771 yards, and in two years in Columbus caught 123 passes for 1,440 yards and 13 TDs.

He’s 6-foot, 180 pounds, so he doesn’t have tremendous size, but he’s ready to show the assembled scouts and coaches what kind of player he is when the wide receivers work out at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday.

“I’m excited,” he said. “I can’t wait to get out there and run around with some of the other guys and be able to showcase my skills.

“I feel I’ve trained well enough the past couple weeks. I’m training two times a day -- lifting heavy, running a lot, working on my start getting ready for the 40, all those quick movements.

“I’m ready to compete. These are long days. I wasn’t expecting these days to be this long. I’m fine with it now. Come Sunday I’m going to be ready. I’m going to approach it just like a game.”

When you don’t have great size or elite production in college, you have to stand out somehow, and Brown said the 40 will be his opportunity to stand out.

“[Expecting] 4.3 high, 4.4 low,” he said. “I’m only planning to run it once. Hopefully the first one I’ll do what I want and then I can just be done with it.”

Brown’s favorite wide receiver?

Shouldn’t be a surprise.

“I watch a lot of DeSean Jackson,” he said. “He uses a lot of speed in his routes.”

And where does he want to play?


The guy who never, ever, ever wants to go back to Philly wants to be drafted by the Eagles.

“I’d love to play with the Eagles,” he said. “They said it’s only right that we get you, since your name is Philly.”