PST: Does Foles stack up to Wilson, Kaepernick?

PST: Does Foles stack up to Wilson, Kaepernick?

January 18, 2014, 3:30 pm
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This Sunday the Seattle Seahawks will host the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. Both teams are helmed by second-year quarterbacks in Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.

Another, more local second-year quarterback named Nick Foles had a great 2013 season and is poised for his first full year of starting duty next fall, which made the PST crew ask: Does Foles statistically stack up with the "new-guard quarterbacks" who will face off Sunday evening in Seattle?

Eagles analyst Ray Didinger doesn't see why not.

"You can't deny the numbers," Didinger said. "They are what they are. His numbers this year were historic."

Historic -- but how did they stack up against his peers' numbers?

Wilson threw 26 TDs in each of his first two seasons in the league. He threw 10 INTs last year and 9 INTs this year and averaged 3,237 yards per season. Wilson's career quarterback rating is 100.6.

In this, his first full season as San Francisco's starting QB, Kaepernick threw for 21 TDs and 8 INTs and piled up 3,197 yards. He finished the regular season with a 91.6 quarterback rating.

Foles threw for 27 TDs and 2 INTs this season -- the highest touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history -- and 2,891 yards in just 10 starts. His 119.2 quarterback rating was the highest in the NFL in 2013 and third-highest ever.

Historic, and better than any quarterback in his draft class, both Wilson and Kaepernick included.

According to Didinger, "That can't be by accident."