Roob vs. Spadaro: 3 keys for Eagles' offseason

Roob vs. Spadaro: 3 keys for Eagles' offseason

January 10, 2014, 9:00 am
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With the Eagles' offseason underway, GM Howie Roseman has already went on the record informing Eagles fans not to expect the Birds to sign the "hottest item off the shelf."

Instead, the Eagles will follow a similar plan as they did in Chip Kelly's first year as head coach. It worked, as the Birds won the NFC East and finished 10-6.

But that doesn't mean the Eagles don't have holes to fill, such as safety and outside linebacker.

On Thursday's "Philly Sports Talk,"'s Reuben Frank and the Eagles' official website's Dave Spadaro offered their top three keys for the offseason.

"No. 1, pass rush," Frank said. "If you look at the last couple games, they couldn't get to Kyle Orton, they obviously couldn't get to Drew Brees, a guy who had been sacked 37 times.

"I just think that is the No. 1 thing. This is a passing league. The defense was really improved and really fun to watch, but they got to get more pressure on the quarterback."

For Spadaro, the Eagles must not "fall in love with anyone on the roster."

"Here's my big thing with the Eagles in the offseason, it's not a particular position," Spadaro said. "It's be very critical when you are looking at the roster. It is so important for the Eagles not to fall in love with any players here and to not specify positions. I really believe Chip and Howie when they talk about challenging the entire roster. That's No. 1 for me."