Roob vs. Spadaro: Shady-Vikings redux

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Roob vs. Spadaro: Shady-Vikings redux

December 20, 2013, 9:45 am
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The Eagles are closer to playing the Bears this coming Sunday than they are to losing to the Vikings last weekend, but there are plenty who still can't get over LeSean McCoy's rather paltry workload inside the Metrodome.

McCoy rushed the ball only eight times for 38 yards in the Eagles' 48-30 loss in Minnesota.

It was his fewest carries in his last 55 games (see story).

And Eagles columnist Reuben Frank still doesn't feel as though he's heard an adequate explanation from Chip Kelly.

"A week earlier [against the Lions], you're down 14 in the third quarter and you keep giving him the ball," Frank said on Thursday's Philly Sports Talk. "This game, it's an [eight-point] game at halftime and you're too far behind? The only explanation I heard was, 'The game got away from us, they had a big lead.' They didn't have that big a lead. It was 17-9 at halftime."

Spadaro, of, quickly interjected that the score wasn't the only explanation, that Pat Shurmur said the Eagles were trying to take advantage of a depleted Vikings secondary. Much like the exploited a favorable matchup against the Cardinals with their tight ends two games ago (see story), the Eagles hoped to take advantage of another favorable matchup against.

They did score 30 points -- it just wasn't enough.

Whether that's really the offense's fault is another question.