Roob vs. Spadaro: Where does Shady rank?

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Roob vs. Spadaro: Where does Shady rank?

December 13, 2013, 11:45 am
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LeSean McCoy is putting up some prolific numbers this season, but but how does he rank among Eagles running backs?

Dave Spadaro, insider for, thinks Shady's all alone at the top.

"He'll just keep doing what he's doing as the best running back that I've ever seen for the Philadelphia Eagles," Spadaro said on Thursday's edition of Philly Sports Talk. "I've been saying it for two years, he's better than Brian Westbrook, who I think is a great player. And I'm just putting McCoy at a higher level, higher than Wilbert Montgomery."

But, columnist Reuben Frank doesn't think the answer is quite as clear.

"When you take into account Brian Westbrook's production in the return game, as a receiver and in the playoffs, this guy was such a big-time, big-play performer," Frank said. "Until Shady does it in the postseason, I'm not going to elevate him higher than Brian Westbrook."

Westbrook's best postseason performance came in the 2006-07 season. He rushed for 141 yards and one touchdown in the Eagles' 23-20 win over the Giants in the wild card round. The two-time Pro Bowler followed that game with two touchdowns and 116 yards rushing in the divisional round, breaking off a memorable 62-yarder to put the Eagles up 21-13. The Eagles eventually fell to the Saints, 27-24.

McCoy, on the other hand, has had limited palyoff experience. In two career postseason appearances, Shady has rushed for 70 yards on just 17 total attempts.

"Because [McCoy] is out here every single game, his numbers are incredible," Spadaro said. "When he's called on to catch the football, he catches every ball."

This season, McCoy has already rushed for 1,305 yards and seven touchdowns.

"When it's all said and done, he'll probably be the best in Eagles' history," Frank said. "But right now, I'm going to put Brian Westbrook ahead of him."

McCoy also owns the most rushing touchdowns of 40 yards or more in the fourth quarter since 1999 with seven. No one else has more than four.

"Listen, [McCoy is] a great player, and I'm not putting him down -- and I've told him this -- I think Westbrook, if you look at Shady's first five years versus Westbrook's first five years as a regular player, Brian Westbrook has about a thousand more yards from scrimmage, not even including the return game. It's not as cut and dry as you might think.

"We're coming off of a historic performance by Shady. When you look at the body of work, when you look at what Brian Westbrook did against the Vikings when nothing could go right in the playoffs in that dome, and took that screen pass 70 yards, when you look at what he did with the great returns, when you look at his game, when you take everything into account ..."

Westbrook has the edge. Of course, Frank added: "Listen, LeSean McCoy is still 25 years old. He's No. 1 right now. Right now, he's the best back in the league."