Snaps in the snow: the Eagles were ready

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Snaps in the snow: the Eagles were ready

Eagle Eye: A game to remember

December 9, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Matthew Stafford (right) and the Detroit Lions succumbed to the wintry conditions Sunday, fumbling the ball seven times -- including five on snaps. (AP)

The Lions had seven fumbles.

The Eagles had one.

The Lions lost three of them.

The Eagles lost none.

Five of the Lions' fumbles -- and three in the first quarter -- occurred on the snap.

The Eagles' fumble occurred on the snap -- and not until midway through the second quarter.

Why the differential?

Perhaps because Eagles' center Jason Kelce was prepared.

"That was what all warmups were spent for me. Usually I tape my thumb. I took all the tape off of my thumb because I wanted to really be able to feel the ball," Kelce said Sunday after the Eagles fought through the snow and rallied to beat the Lions, 34-20. "I started grabbing the ball in a different spot -- more around the center of it -- because when I was grabbing it up top, it would slide on the snow.

"All warmups were spent really trying to hone in on what was the best way to grab that ball. I took a lot of under-center snaps, took a lot of shotgun snaps, and that was the first time I've really been in a situation where it was that hard to do the quarterback-center exchange."

Granted, the Lions' final fumble didn't necessarily have anything to do with the snow. The ball zipped by a surprised Matt Stafford.

"I just wasn't expecting it," Stafford said.

Kelce has played in the snow before -- but nothing like Sunday's game, when eight inches filled the Linc.

"Not that bad," Kelce said. "Every one I played up until now, it really wasn't that slick and it didn't come down that hard. That was the first time where I've seen the snow in a game I've played really influence play-calls and decision-making."

And snap technique.