Super Bowl Odds: Where do Eagles stand?

Super Bowl Odds: Where do Eagles stand?

Will Foles have trouble in the playoffs?

December 30, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Super Bowl Matchup Odds

Bengals vs. Panthers: 40/1
Bengals vs. Packers: 66/1
Bengals vs. Saints: 100/1
Bengals vs. Eagles: 75/1
Bengals vs. 49ers: 40/1
Bengals vs. Seahawks: 14/1
Broncos vs. Panthers: 9/1
Broncos vs. Packers: 12/1
Broncos vs. Saints: 22/1
Broncos vs. Eagles: 16/1
Broncos vs. 49ers: 9/1
Broncos vs. Seahawks: 9/4
Colts vs. Panthers: 75/1
Colts vs. Packers: 100/1
Colts vs. Saints: 175/1
Colts vs. Eagles: 100/1
Colts vs. 49ers: 75/1
Colts vs. Seahawks: 25/1
Chiefs vs. Panthers: 75/1
Chiefs vs. Packers: 100/1
Chiefs vs. Saints: 175/1
Chiefs vs. Eagles: 150/1
Chiefs vs. 49ers: 75/1
Chiefs vs. Seahawks: 25/1
Patriots vs. Panthers: 25/1
Patriots vs. Packers: 33/1
Patriots vs. Saints: 66/1
Patriots vs. Eagles: 40/1
Patriots vs. 49ers: 25/1
Patriots vs. Seahawks: 15/2
Chargers vs. Panthers: 100/1
Chargers vs. Packers: 150/1
Chargers vs. Saints: 200/1
Chargers vs. Eagles: 150/1
Chargers vs. 49ers: 100/1
Chargers vs. Seahawks: 33/1

By Bovada

Bovada released its Super Bowl odds Monday after the playoffs were set in the final week of the regular season.

Where do the Eagles' odds rank out of the 12 teams in the postseason? Tied for seventh with the Bengals at 16/1.

The Eagles clinched the NFC East Sunday night, and will host the Saints at the Linc Saturday night. Tickets will go on sale Tuesday morning (see story).

If the Birds are to make it to Super Bowl XLVIII, they'll most likely have to go through Seattle. The likelihood of a Chip Kelly-Pete Carroll collision has 16/1 odds, tied for seventh-best odds of all possible matchups. 

The Eagles have the second-to-worst odds to win the NFC at 9/1 odds, ahead of only the Saints, their first-round matchup.

The most likely Super Bowl matchup? The Broncos and Seahawks, both of who have 11/4 odds to win the Lombardi Trophy. The matchup has 9/4 odds to materialize on Feb. 2 at MetLife Stadium.

Last year's Super Bowl runners-up, the 49ers, are at 7/1 to win it all, while the Patriots are at 9/1. The two wild card teams from the AFC West, the Chiefs and the Chargers, have two of the worst odds to win it all with 25/1 and 40/1 odds. Andy Reid's Chiefs started the season 9-0 before finishing the campaign at 11-5.

The odds may not be in the Eagles' favor, but no one expected them to make the playoffs after finishing last season 4-12 and with a first-year head coach in Kelly.

As this season has proved, anything can happen.