Westbrook's Take: Next year is true test for Kelly

Westbrook's Take: Next year is true test for Kelly

December 31, 2013, 7:00 am
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LeSean McCoy set franchise records (see story), and led the NFL in rushing (1,607).

Nick Foles, too, set franchise records (see story), and finished the season with 27 touchdowns and two interceptions in only 10 starts.

The Eagles finished fourth in the NFL in points per game (27.6), led the league in rushing (160.4), trailed only Denver (457.3) with 417.3 yards per game, and had the second-fewest giveaways (19) in the league.

“All these records speak volumes to [Chip Kelly's] system and the guys who are performing this system,” Eagles analyst Brian Westbrook said on Monday’s edition of Philly Sports Talk.

Yet, even with all the success Kelly’s offense has had in his first year, it’s not a given that it will work long-term.

“When you think about it, kind of fast forwarding to next year, next year is going to be the true test," Westrbook said. "Does this offense work after everyone in the NFL, all the defensive personnel, all the head coaches in the NFL, has had a year in the offseason to study it?

“And now can you make the same thing work again? That’s going to be the true test.”

For the Eagles, they'll worry about Kelly's offense working next year once this season comes to an end.

They have at least one more game to be played -- Saturday night's wild-card round showdown with the Saints.