Westbrook's Take: No one wants to play Eagles

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Westbrook's Take: No one wants to play Eagles

December 10, 2013, 11:00 am
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After winning their fifth straight game Sunday -- the NFL's longest current streak -- and taking over sole possession of first place (see story), it's safe to say the Eagles are heating up.

So hot that they pose a threat to other division leaders across the NFL as the regular season nears its conclusion and the playoff picture begins to take shape.

"They're a hot football team," Eagles analyst Brian Westbrook said on Monday's edition of "Philly Sports Talk" on Comcast SportsNet. "You look at some of these division leaders and even the wild-card guys, none of these teams want to play the Philadelphia Eagles right now because they're so hot."

But what is it that the Eagles are doing to help them reel off five consecutive wins?

"They're playing well on defense, they're getting turnovers," Westbrook said. "The offense hasn't been figured out yet, and so this team is a dangerous football team."

While their defense ranks 30th in yards allowed per game (398.1), the Eagles have still not allowed more than 21 points in a game since Week 4. Their offense is also one of the league's most potent -- the Birds rank third in yards per game with 409.3 and ninth in points scored with 25.7.

Inevitably, hot teams cool down. Sooner or later, the Eagles may hit their peak and come back down to earth. But is that time now?

"They haven't even reached their peak yet," Westbrook said. "You wonder how good can they be. Every single week, they're putting out something different -- a different way to win a football game."

Whether it's Nick Foles setting records, LeSean McCoy establishing himself as the league's top rusher, DeSean Jackson setting career highs or Riley Cooper casting doubt aside, the Eagles have various weapons that have proven to be critical over their streak.

"How do you stop this football team when they have so many weapons?" Westbrook asked.

Chip Kelly also deserves credit for the team's turnaround.

"You have the mastermind, Chip Kelly, just distributing the ball to the guys that work," Westbrook said. "It doesn't necessarily have to go to DeSean Jackson or LeSean McCoy -- whoever has the best matchup, that's what Kelly's going to do."

The Eagles aren't the NFL's best team right now. However, they are the hottest and perhaps the scariest.