Fourteen Years Later, Phillies Return to Postseason

Fourteen Years Later, Phillies Return to Postseason

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Later today, Cole Hamels will take the mound for the Phillies in their first playoff appearance since 1993.  It's a day Cole has likely dreamed about his whole career.  It's a day Phillies fans have most certainly dreamed about for the better part of the last decade and a half.

The last time the Phillies played in the post season I was 12 years old.  A lot has changed since then and the Phillies have lost quite a few games along the way.  To say I have any idea what to expect today would be a lie.  Like Cole, this is new territory for most of us.

One thing I am sure of is that this group of guys who will take the
field today are the kind of guys you can truly get behind.  Sure they
ran into more than a few bumps on the road to get here but today
everybody's record is 0-0.  Forget the putrid April, all this team
needs is eleven wins.  Eleven wins in the next month and we get that
mythic parade down Broad Street.

I'm looking to guys like Aaron Rowand, who has one of those nice
phat blingy looking things on his finger, to set the atmosphere in the
clubhouse.  You think Jamie Moyer isn't ready for this series?  You
think Chase Utley is going to be timid out there because it's his first
post season appearance?  Hell no.  This team has balls.  Let's just
hope they have the good bullpen and not that schizophrenic one.

In come the red hot Colorado Rockies.  That's fine.  They're due.  Due to cool off.

going to be a battle.  I feel oddly confident.  Perhaps caused by the
fact that Sunday's game was so electric.  That vibe hasn't really
stopped floating around the South Philly air since.

Hell, I don't know what to expect.  I just want the Phillies to win.
Cole's on the mound today with Kendrick, Moyer, and Lohse lined up to follow.
Adam Eaton can't blow this one.

It's time for Cole, Chase, Jimmy, Ryan, and Pat to define their
careers.  And hell, Cole once climbed the nine highest mountains of the Rockies in one day and carved the letter 'K' into their peaks.  That's a fact.

I may be back here around 3:00 to do some live blogging.  So you people stuck at work -- god forbid -- check back.

Enjoy the Phillies playoff game today, folks.

Conspiracy charge added for 3 former Penn State administrators

AP Images

Conspiracy charge added for 3 former Penn State administrators

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday allowed prosecutors to add a conspiracy charge against three former Penn State administrators, increasing their possible penalty if convicted of crimes for their handling of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

Judge John Boccabella granted a request by the attorney general's office to tack on a related conspiracy count to the charges of endangering the welfare of children.

Prosecutors said each felony count carries up to 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Jury selection is scheduled for March 20 in Harrisburg in the case of former university president Graham Spanier, former vice president Gary Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley.

The defendants sought permission last week from Boccabella for an appeal that could delay the trial. The judge has not ruled on that request.

They argue Boccabella erred when he declined to dismiss the child-welfare charges, arguing the statute of limitations expired, the defendants did not provide direct care for children and they are charged with actions that occurred before the law was revised.

Earlier this month, the judge dismissed charges of failing to properly report suspected abuse, and last year the Superior Court threw out perjury, obstruction and conspiracy charges.

The three administrators fielded a complaint in 2001 from a graduate assistant who said he saw Sandusky, then retired as an assistant football coach, sexually abusing a boy in a team shower.

They did not report the matter to police or child welfare authorities, but did tell Sandusky he could no longer bring children to the campus and they notified his charity for children, The Second Mile.

Sandusky currently is serving a lengthy state prison term after being convicted in 2012 of 45 counts of sexual abuse of 10 boys.

Last week, a new judge appointed to preside over his appeals under the state's Post-Conviction Relief Act scheduled a March 24 hearing at the courthouse near State College to "present and finalize the evidentiary portion" of the hearing.

Hits King Pete Rose on Phillies' Wall of Fame ballot

Hits King Pete Rose on Phillies' Wall of Fame ballot

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- The Phillies have released their Wall of Fame ballot for 2017 and Pete Rose is on it for the first time.

Baseball’s all-time hits king joins Steve Bedrosian, Larry Christensen, Jim Fregosi, Gene Garber, Placido Polanco, Ron Reed, Scott Rolen, Manny Trillo and Rick Wise on the ballot.

The Phillies had to receive permission from commissioner Rob Manfred to include Rose on the ballot. Rose was placed on baseball’s permanently ineligible list in 1989 after he admitted to wagering on baseball during his time as manager of the Cincinnati Reds. The ban precludes him from appearing on the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Rose is still on the ineligible list, but Manfred has shown some leniency in recent years and Rose has been able to participate in some ceremonies. He was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds' Hall of Fame last summer. 

Rose was one of the stars on the Reds’ Big Red Machine, a club that won back-to-back World Series in 1975 and 1976. He came to the Phillies as a free agent before the 1979 season. He spent five years with the Phils and his leadership was considered key in getting a talented team over the top on its way to winning the 1980 World Series. 

The Phillies’ Wall of Fame ceremony will take place Aug. 12 at Citizens Bank Park. 

Fans have a voice in the voting, which is has begun on the team’s website -- Fans can select their top three choices and the five finalists will serve as the official ballot for a special Wall of Fame selection committee.