A Love Song for Claude Giroux (No, Really)

A Love Song for Claude Giroux (No, Really)
May 3, 2012, 6:52 am
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We knew guys all across the Delaware Valley had the most manly of man crushes on No. 28, Claude Giroux, but now the ladies are coming out to show their love for Orange Jesus -- well, sing their love to be exact.

The following love song to Claude Giroux titled "Orange G-Sus, I'd Cook You Grilled Cheeses" by singer Jess Goldey showed up in our inbox with a pretty on point summary: "Well, this is certainly something else." Really, I don't know what else there is to say about it other than Rebecca Black better watch her back. [audio below]

You can download the track here and also read all of the lyrics.

It opens as such:

Hey I know you but you don't know me

Though I really think that you should

I'm sure you have no problem getting girls

But none of them are this good

And in case you were wondering, the singer doesn't discriminate against playoff beards, "I think you're cute with or without a mustache."

That's true love.

Orange G-Sus, I'd Cook You Grilled Cheeses by Jess Goldey
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