Briere, LeClair, Hatcher and Primeau Return to the Ice

Briere, LeClair, Hatcher and Primeau Return to the Ice
February 2, 2012, 7:12 pm
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There's no mistaking their names. Briere, LeClair, Hatcher and Primeau. It's a who's who of recent Flyers history. It's not widely known, but we've learned they've been working out, and will be back on the ice together.

It's a dream come true for all of them - and it's going to make you feel incredibly old.

Danny Briere, John LeClair, Derian Hatcher and Keith Primeau all have sons who who play on the same Pee Wee hockey team in South Jersey. They are headed to the Quebec International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament as part of a local Flyers-sponsored team.

CSN Philly's Lisa Hillary takes a look at the players and their famous fathers - and in the case of Peter White, Jr., his famous grandfather (that'd be Bobby Clarke). 

A) How cool is is that Hatcher, Primeau, and LeClair all have ties if not houses in the area? B) How ridiculously old do you feel seeing their sons being interviewed? C) How about the fact that John LeClair's son is named Jagger aka Jagger Vermont? Bad ass, right? D) Sean Couturier is closer in age to Carson Briere, with whom he shares a house, than he is his landlord and teammate Danny Briere. 
Best of luck to the boys as they head to Quebec for the tournament. Hopefully Lou Nolan's grandson is doing the PA.
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