Bryz Tells John Boruk to Shhhhhh

Bryz Tells John Boruk to Shhhhhh
March 6, 2012, 6:40 pm
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It's hard to say exactly what part of John Boruk's postgame question Ilya Bryzgalov didn't like, because it was fairly innocuous, focusing on the amount of shots Bryz faced (39) en route to a 3-2 Flyers win over the Red Wings, but the goalie wasn't having it.

Watch below as he quickly gives Boruk the Max Talbot "Shhhhh."

Nice job by Boruk to hang in there and just try to get something out of him. Sometimes it seems reporters are baiting Bryz into being Bryz, and lately, any mention of the word "confidence" seems to make him go silent. Maybe he thought Boruk was going down that road? Even in trying not to comment, he can draw attention. All of which is, of course, a lot less of a story after a big win in which Bryzgalov was perhaps the biggest difference-maker.

Personally, I couldn't stop laughing, rewinding it several times. If only Boruk had asked, "Why you heff be mad?"

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