Chris Pronger's 'Virus' Now Deemed 'Concussion-Like'

Chris Pronger's 'Virus' Now Deemed 'Concussion-Like'

The various
maladies that have kept Chris Pronger from the Flyers' lineup for
stretches of this season have ranged from obvious (stick in eye) to
curious (an unspecified virus) to surprising (a knee injury requiring
surgery disclosed during the time off due to the virus). Now, while
Pronger is on the shelf for at least a month following the knee surgery,
Paul Holmgren has updated his status to say that while Pronger's knee
is improving, "he has struggled with other issues that are
concussion-like symptoms."

He'll undergo further evaluation and is listed as out indefinitely.

Rookie Brayden Schenn is also missing from the lineup due to what is believed to be a mild concussion.

injuries, in particular concussions, are increasingly being looked at
with great scrutiny, with teams and leagues taking strict measures to
keep players out of the lineup if any symptoms are found or reported.
While we hope Pronger's symptoms and their cause will clear up during
the time he is already schedule to be off, it's a bit worrisome that
he's already been called out indefinitely despite not being scheduled to
return for several weeks. Perhaps it's part of what the team must do
with a concussed player (in terms of verbiage, at least). Also puzzling
is what the Flyers knew and when, or what initiated and is causing the
symptoms. Are they lingering after effects of the stick to the eye? A
run of the mill hit that went unnoticed? We don't expect much to be
cleared up anytime soon, but one thing is increasingly clear—the Flyers
need to continue to prepare for life without Pronger.

Penn State men's hockey ranked No. 1 for first time in program history

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Penn State men's hockey ranked No. 1 for first time in program history

At 16-2-1, Penn State's men's hockey team is ranked first in the nation for the first time in program history.

The Nittany Lions have improved each of the last four years under head coach Guy Gadowsky. 

Their record by year:

      2013-14: 8-26-2
      2014-15: 18-15-4
Last season: 21-13-4
This season: 16-2-1

Penn State received 30 of 50 first-place votes in the USCHO Division I poll. Denver is ranked No. 2, followed by Boston University, Minnesota-Duluth and Massachusetts-Lowell (see USCHO poll).

Penn State was ranked fourth last week before sweeping Michigan State.

Joel Embiid now as dominant as Henry Sims

Joel Embiid now as dominant as Henry Sims

There are seemingly countless metrics one can use to detail Joel Embiid's supremacy as a Sixer, but perhaps no stats more clearly tell the story of how indefatigable the rookie has been this season than those of his free-throw shooting. Despite ranking just eighth on the team in total minutes, he's already gotten to the line 215 times this season and made 169 of them, about 250% more than the second-most made FTs on the team (Ersan Ilyasova, 65). What's more, his seven games with ten or more free throws attempted is already more than Thaddeus Young (six), Evan Turner (three) or Jrue Holiday (zero) ever had as a Liberty Baller. 

But yesterday against the Bucks saw JoJo hit a new level with his foul drawing. Despite essentially being shut down by the Bucks in the first half -- I can't remember if he even had a single bucket at the break -- The Process eventually imposed his will in Milwaukee in a major way, parading to the line in the second half, ending with 22 points (as well as 12 rebounds and five blocks) on 4-9 shooting, getting to the line an astounding 18 times. 

Who was the last Sixers giant to accomplish such a feat, you might wonder? Well... 

Yes, it's been an impressive season for our double-redshirt rookie, and every game he seems to add another immortal name to his list of historical analogues. But not until now could we afford to mention him alongside the great Henry "Lickface" Sims, two-year Process legend whose 18 trips to the free-throw line on April 4, 2014 totally helped us win that random late-season game against the then-rebuilding Boston Celtics. As impossible as it once seemed, it now appears that soon, Embiid's folk herodom will be as self-evident and undeniable to the Sons of Sam as that of Hammerin' Hank himself. 

Get this guy to the All-Star team already.