Claude Giroux: 'When Wayne wants to win the battle, he wins it.'

Claude Giroux: 'When Wayne wants to win the battle, he wins it.'
April 30, 2014, 12:00 pm
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They don't want to go home yet. That was the message Wayne Simmonds sent after the Flyers big win in Game 6 on Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

They've got another must-win game this evening to keep their season alive.

One of the keys to winning Game 6 was the Flyers' aggressiveness, something Wayne has talked about them needing to focus on if they wanted to keep the series going.

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From's Sarah Baicker:

“It’s something we definitely discussed as a team,” Simmonds said. “I think Chief [coach Craig Berube] really relayed that message to us. I think we were kind of -- I don’t know if I want to say scared, but we’re used to getting a lot of penalties. Sometimes when you’re overaggressive, the refs tend to throw their arms up and you kind of shy away from physical play.

“But as long as you’re doing it smart, you’re playing on the line and not over the line, you should be fine. I think that’s the way we did it tonight, and it worked.”

They're going to need another clean, aggressive, mistake-free game tonight in New York. You know the Rangers are going to bring a better effort in their own building.

Perhaps my favorite line from last night's presser was when Claude Giroux talked about Simmer, "I think when Wayne wants to win the battle, he wins it."

Let's hope he wants to win all the battles tonight.

There are three Game 7s in the NHL tonight. The Flyers start things off at 7:00 in NYC followed by Minnesota-Colorado at 9:30 and LA-San Jose at 10:00 pm.

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