Disgruntled Flyers Fan Auctions Fandom Off On eBay

Disgruntled Flyers Fan Auctions Fandom Off On eBay
June 30, 2011, 6:37 am
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Paul Holmgren's decision to blow up the core of a Flyers team that got them to the Stanley Cup Finals just a season ago was, for the most part, greeted with moderate approval. But certainly not every fan in Philadelphia was happy. In fact, one fan was so angry with the team's decision to trade Jeff Carter and Mike Richards that he's throwing in his orange towel and auctioning off his fan loyalty to the highest bidder. Yes, this has been done before by fans in other cities, but the fun is in the details.

From the eBay listing:

Today (6/24/11), I
awoke to find that Paul Holmgren had traded Jeff Carter and Mike
Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers. After watching Mr. Holmgren make
one bone-headed move after another for this organization that I have
loved since childhood, I have decided that I cannot take watching him
destroy the team any longer. So I have decided to put my team loyalty up
for sale. The highest bidder will be able to choose the team (with the
exception of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New Jersey Devils)
that I

Emphasis mine.

So yes, he may be abandoning ship, but he would rather die than cheer for the Penguins or the Devils.

We say good riddance to you, Mr. auctioner, for your crappy loyalty will fit whatever team gets you just right. We're tempted to bid ourselves just to remove you for good from the ranks of Flyers faithful.

Also, is this your eBay listing, SwiftOnSports?

>>Hockey Loyalty for Sale [eBay]

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