Flyers 2011-2012 "New Era" Season Teaser Video

Flyers 2011-2012 "New Era" Season Teaser Video
August 25, 2011, 6:05 am
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It's a dull gray morning after an
afternoon Phillies loss, with not a whole lot shaking the Philly sports
landscape until the Eagles and Browns square off in the starters' final
dress rehearsal. The Flyers have a pretty big day ahead though, with
Ilya Bryzgalov set to debut at the SkateZone (and be presented with
the We The People Mask…

The Flyers have everyone locally
and around the league wondering what the 2011-2012 season will bring.
There are plenty of new faces, guys most of us have barely seen play
in live action, as well as a guy we've seen plenty of in Jaromir Jagr.
We need look no further than these promo videos for the upcoming season
to be reminded that this particular team may take some getting used
to, but there's a certain excitement in the unknown.  [video below]

I thought the historic footage was
a nice touch too. No matter who the players are, the Flyers are a constant
presence. They even mentioned that for 36 years, that constant presence
hasn't included a Cup. Not that we needed the reminder, but hey, at
least we all know what the stakes are as the team hits the reset button
and begins another new era.  

Props to the video editor who was
tasked with compiling all that footage of current Flyers highlights,
given how much of last year's team is elsewhere now.

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