Flyers Cracking Down On 'Business Hours' Tweets

Flyers Cracking Down On 'Business Hours' Tweets
September 14, 2011, 8:47 am
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A bit of sad news for those of us who were hoping Ilya Bryzgalov would take his iPhone out on to the ice with him during a game and twitpic his view from between the pipes. The Flyers will be cracking down a bit on players and their tweeting habits during work.

According to Wayne Fish of the Courier Times, "the Flyers are going to make it clear to their
players that tweeting and texting during 'business hours’' will be
out of bounds."

Hmm, no texting? What if you had to get in touch with your kid who was locked out of the house? We all know kids only talk to their parents via text messaging these days.

For real though, this could be a bit of a bummer, especially with the likable group of Flyers like Bryz and JVR who are very active on Twitter. Hopefully this will be more of a preemptive measure to prevent anything really bad happening rather than a total lockdown of all fun disseminating from Flyers' players' cell phones to Twitter.

You can read Fish's initial story and Puck Duddy's follow up analysis here.


An example of Bryzgalov's tweets, "This is what I call golfing." I think he means it in the same sense that I call sitting on my couch, doing nothing with my laptop "working."

And this amazing tweet from Bryz the other day, "You don't have to go to Amsterdam,we have lots mushrooms here in Philly."

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