Flyers-Devils: We Need More Intensity edition

Flyers-Devils: We Need More Intensity edition
April 4, 2011, 11:39 am
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Although their most recent effort wasn't
disappointing (at least not for me), the outcome certainly was, and the
Flyers are in search of some rebound action tonight in New Jersey after
getting blanked by the Thrashers at home. Here's hoping for a lot of
fight and a little justice from the law of averages. With zero goals on
43 shots last night, maybe the Flyers can open it up and find the top
shelf, five-hole, or just about any vacant space between Johan Hedberg
and his posts. 

Yep, it's Hedberg again. If this is to be his final NHL season, it
will oddly end with Martin Brodeur not having started once against the
Flyers in six meetings.

He relieved Hedberg in a January game, allowing no goals in 44 minutes,
but other than that, our final memory of Brodeur could be dispatching
him and the Devils in last year's playoffs. I can live with that. Marty
has previously said he'll be back next season, so we'll see.    

Meanwhile, Hedberg hasn't started since February, but Jacques Lemaire
has decided to give him a go tonight. Brian Boucher will start for the
Flyers, with Sergei Bobrovsky having started last night.

It's Friday night, and we spent last night watching the Flyers get
shut out. Just like that Japanese director wanted from Bob Harris, we
want more... INTENSITY. If Lost In Translation references don't get you going, how 'bout some Ween?

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