Flyers-Islanders: The Stretch Begins... Now...

Flyers-Islanders: The Stretch Begins... Now...
March 28, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Coming off of back-to-back shootout losses to the two teams directly behind them in the standings, the Flyers have a busy weekend with a pair of games against a dog and a contender. The Bruins are on deck for tomorrow, which makes tonight's matchup on Long Island your cliché trap game. The Isles are pulling up the rear of the division, as is their custom, but the Flyers have been vulnerable lately so anything is possible tonight.

Personally, I think the Flyers are more likely to be looking back at the last two games than they are to be looking ahead to the Bruins tomorrow, and that's a good thing. They could have and should have won both. In regulation. Hopefully that will help them find the motivation they have at times lacked lately, and we'll see them take it out on the Isles. Dave Isaac says Bob is in net for the Flyers. 

There's a tough week ahead, with six games between tonight and next Sunday. We could all use a little confidence booster to start that run. And I guess some Flaming Lips.

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