Game 82: Flyers Host Isles in Regular Season Finale

Game 82: Flyers Host Isles in Regular Season Finale
April 13, 2011, 12:56 pm
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The beginning of any "History Will Be Made"
commercials from last year's Flyers playoff run rightly included the
final shot of the regular season, Brian Boucher's save in the shootout
that sent the Rangers packing and the Flyers to the postseason. 

In some ways, we're hoping for similar magic tonight as the Flyers
host the Islanders, although this time it isn't about merely getting
into the playoffs. They only need to win to shore up a division title
and a 2-seed, which of course are advantageous in their own ways. More
than anything though, what we're hoping for is that like last season,
this game signals a switch from underachieving during what could be
considered "relatively meaningless" games to playing to potential when
it's win or go home time.

As fans watching every game, they all have meaning to us. But despite
playing well below the standard they'd previously showed us they're
capable of, the Flyers are still able to enter the playoffs as a
division winner. 

Hopefully the pride of beating out their cross-state rivals to win
the Atlantic is motivation to beat a woeful Islanders team. If not, all
we can do is wait to see if they can turn it around once their season
truly is on the line next week. Sergei Bobrovsky gets the start in net.

Can the Flyers finally build on the positives of their previous game while shaking loose the negatives?

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