Graphical Depiction of the Flyers' Offensive Strategy in San Jose

Graphical Depiction of the Flyers' Offensive Strategy in San Jose
February 28, 2012, 3:54 pm
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The trade deadline has passed, and the Flyers team that skates tonight is, hopefully, pretty much the one that will take the ice in the playoffs. In part due to the market being fairly poor and in part because there's a lot to like about the team the way its currently built, the brass made no moves on deadline day. The moves they made leading up to it did not cost them any big-league talent. Sometimes they say a trade can be a shot in the arm for a team. In this case, maybe the vote of confidence expressed in not making any moves will have the same effect.

So tonight, the Flyers face the Sharks and look to close out this four-game, far-from-home experience, one they hoped would be a positive, gelling experience. A win tonight would certainly help.

A look at three things we'd love to see, aside from Scott Hartnell stabbing a shark while wearing body armor and a utility belt, below.

1. Bryzgalov posts a shutout. Yeah yeah you could say this every game, but with all of the above considered, gimme somethin to believe in, Bryzzy Bone.
2. Big game from JVR. Sorry that reported Niemi-for-JVR offer didn't work out for yas, SJ. With Niemi's 3.60 GAA/.878 S% in February, gotta credit Homer for his discipline there. (Side note: Worst-case scenario is Niemi pitches a shutout as Bryz gets torched)
3. Clean sheet for the PK unit. See: item 1.


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