Happy 8th Birthday Simon Gagne! -- The Feb. 29th Post

Happy 8th Birthday Simon Gagne! -- The Feb. 29th Post
February 29, 2012, 7:17 am
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Leap Day! Wooooo!

Anyway, Happy 8th Birthday Simon Gagne. You were born on this day in 1980, which means this is just your eighth actual birthday without having to compensate by faking it on Feb. 28 or Mar. 1. 
Though we're sure the former Flyer would rather have been celebrating on the ice with Richie and Carter in the Kings' 4-0 win over Minnesota last night, Gagne remains sidelined with yet another concussion. 
On a more upbeat note let's keep this between me and you and say Happy Birthday to JA RULE. He turns 36 today. Other notables born on the 29th include former Sixer Vonteego Cummings, goalie Cam Ward, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, entertainer Saul Williams, center Henri Richard, and the "Hebrew Hammer" Al Rosen. Oh, and the guy from Foster the People -- him, too.
Ed Barkowitz has an excellent list on Philly.com of the important sporting events that have taken place on Feb. 29 since 1952. Our favorites include Wilt Chamberlain becoming the first player to receive both the MVP and ROY in the same year (1960), Hank Aaron becoming the first player to be paid as much as $200,000 in a season, Doug Collins getting in a fight with Willie Norwood (1976), Allen Iverson shooting 15-for-18 to drop 35 on the Mavericks 2000, and the Sixers' hosting Harvery Pollack Bobblehead Night (2004).
Finally, RIP Dennis Dannell, the original guitarist of the band Social Distortion, who passed away on this day after suffering a brain aneurysm in 2000.
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