Homer: 'Ilya will be better next year.'

Homer: 'Ilya will be better next year.'
May 10, 2012, 11:51 am
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Paul Holmgren held his end-of-year presser this afternoon and touched on pretty much every issue surrounding the Flyers in 2012 and beyond.

Of particular interest, Homer believes too much is put into the captaincy business. Whether Claude Giroux is ready to wear the 'C' or not appears to be of little interest to the GM. It's Pronger's until he hangs up his skates for good and really, the 'C' being on one guy or another doesn't win you hockey games.

He also touched on Ilya Bryzgalov, noting that he believes we'll see a better Bryz next season, pointing towards a one-year adjustment that seems to happen when coming to Philadelphia as Danny Briere and others can attest to. [video below]

"I don't think there's any question Ilya will be better next year. Did he play as good as I expected this year? I'd probably say no," Holgmgren said. "There's an adjustment period."


There was also a kind of funny line from Homer about Bryz's personality being a little out there and how at times it may need to be pulled in a bit to focus on hockey. It inspired the below photoshop.

Bryz.0 twitpic.com/9jjbfp RT @sbaickerCSN: Holmgren on Bryz: "Job is to stop pucks and help us win games. This isn't Comedy Central."

— Dan McQuade (@dhm) May 10, 2012

'shop by @dhm

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