If the Flyers Were a Rock and Roll Band...

If the Flyers Were a Rock and Roll Band...
November 4, 2011, 11:34 am
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They'd be the Rolling Stones. Damn right.

At least that's what the folks over at Puck Drunk Love have to say when assigning bands to every NHL teams. Of the Flyers/Stones, "Are considered legends in their own right despite not having done anything significant since the 1970's (Yeah, that's right. I prefer Some Girls and Exile over Aftermath and
December's Children). Rumours abound that substance abuse and internal
squabbling led to their breakups. They haven't been affraid to trade
members in the past in order to shake things up. Although they continue
playing to this day, they're still trying to maintain the play and style
that once made them so successful."

Sure, they try to use it as a bit of a jab, but they're still the Rolling effing Stones. Paint it Orange and Black.

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