In 121 Words, Grantland Tears Apart the Philadelphia Flyers

In 121 Words, Grantland Tears Apart the Philadelphia Flyers
March 20, 2013, 2:44 pm
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In the middle of a whole lot of down time, and after a whole lot of losing, take some time to think big picture about the 2012-13 Flyers, who currently reside in the basement of the Atlantic Division.

Remember, it wasn't supposed to be this way. Homer put out ~$100-million offers to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, neither of whom accepted. He put together a deal the Predators couldn't possibly afford to match for Shea Weber, only they matched it. He even tried adding Shane Doan for some sorely needed veteran leadership and scoring depth, but Doan stayed in Phoenix.

And now, we're having to deal with articles entitled, "NHL Misery Watch (Looking at You, Flyers Fans!)."

From Grantland:

What’s gone wrong: [Takes deep breath … ] The Flyers are stuck in 11th place in the East, their coach is on the hot seat, their “best player in the world” has been merely good, they traded one of the league’s top 10 goal scorers, they reacquired a former player from the Kings but not one of the good ones, their best player just basically retired,
and the backup goaltender they exiled to Columbus is playing way better
than their $51 million starter. Oh, and they’re the only team in the
league that’s over the cap. In other words, everything.

Why that should make you happy: Because at some point in your life, you have presumably met a Philadelphia Flyers fan.

Well ... that was ... I mean ... ah, %$^#

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