In Lieu of Actual NHL Hockey Highlights

In Lieu of Actual NHL Hockey Highlights
September 26, 2012, 6:20 am
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It's going to be tough to fill the void left by the Flyers not playing any actual hockey games this fall, but if YouTube user Andrei Cherwinski keeps making sick toe saves (while playing street hockey) we're not going to miss Claude Giroux top shelfed grilled cheese for a moment!

Uh, right? RIGHT?


Okay, so street hockey highlights just aren't the same thing, and not many street hockey players are doing interviews after the game to help us learn about the reverence with which a Tiger must be treated.

But the two sides in the NHL lockout ugliness do plan to sit back down at the bargaining table this weekend. So maybe that void could come to an end sometime in the next for months.

Or you could just follow Bill Meltzer on Twitter if you want play-by-play highlights from games in Europe involving teams about as common to you as the above street hockey guy.

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