Leighton Clears Re-Entry Waivers, Set to Rejoin Flyers

Leighton Clears Re-Entry Waivers, Set to Rejoin Flyers
April 7, 2011, 12:32 pm
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It was a bit surprising to hear that the Flyers had placed goalie
Michael Leighton on re-entry waivers yesterday. With no acknowledged
health concerns between Sergei Bobrovsky and Brian Boucher and both
looking playoff-ready (albeit shy of "elite"), it just wasn't really
seen as an area of definite need.

The team took a risk in calling him
back up, exposing him to being plucked by another team for next season
at half his salary, with the other half being paid by the Flyers. Now
that he's cleared, there's no discernible downside to having another
healthy netminder around for what we hope is a long playoff run. Last
year, the team needed two, and damn near a third, due to injuries. You
can never be too careful or have too many capable goalies. 

Leighton has been hot in the AHL of late, and the Flyers could
definitely use a spark. While we still assume Bob will be the playoff
starter, Leighton is expected to play in one of the final two games.
Who knows with this team and its goalies...
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