Sam Donnellon Invokes the Goaltending Equivalent of Voldemort

Sam Donnellon Invokes the Goaltending Equivalent of Voldemort
April 19, 2012, 6:45 am
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I joke about him a lot. I do this, because it's my own way of coping.

You're allowed to talk about him in private, perhaps amongst close friends or family. But you don't do it publicly, and you don't subject others who aren't so bold as to wish to revisit the Dark Days.
Still, I'll admit it, every time a Flyers goaltender gets lit up, there will inevitably a text message to or from a friend or even my father the length of just one, simple word.
But again. That's in private, AND NOT IN THE HEADLINE OF A DAILY NEWS PIECE.

Welcome to the morning after Game 4, where panic is apparently spreading.
Our own Matt P. was wary of this yesterday, warning all of you for being so haughty and posting your animated pictures of brooms (wait, we did that? Kulp!)
Anyway, yes, last night's loss was actually historically bad. The last time the Flyers allowed 10 goals in a playoff game? Well that was in 1989 against, go figure, the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Ilya Bryzgalov, whose own shoddy play for most of the series had been masked by the horrendous efforts of Marc-Andre Fleury, didn't instill confidence last night. Nor, for that matter, did his backup, Sergei Bobrovsky.
In their defense, they didn't have much defense. Yes, there were some terrible goals last evening, but there were also moments where there wasn't a whole lot Bob and Bryz (especially Bob) could do.
Still, no matter how bad they were, no matter how much or little the defense contributed, and no matter how terrible that was to sit through...
You bite your tongue, Sam Donnellon, just like the rest of us. 
[       ] is never the answer.
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