The NHL Lockout May Be Costing Philadelphia 1 Million Per Game Lost

The NHL Lockout May Be Costing Philadelphia 1 Million Per Game Lost
December 12, 2012, 10:09 am
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We often don't think about all the people who are hit hard by the NHL lockout who don't play the sport or own a team. I mean, what about the waitresses at Xfinity Live? Their tips are likely decimated on nights when there should have been a Flyers game scheduled this season.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is trying to look out for the little man. He wrote a letter to the U.S. Small Business Administration to alert them to the economic impact of all the small businesses in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh affected by the lockout.

According to one estimate, the city of Philadelphia could be losing a million bucks per game lost. An excerpt from the letter, emphasis ours:

Recently, the tourism bureau VisitPittsburgh completed a study that found each Penguins home game generates approximately $2.1 million worth of revenue.  Nearly half of this revenue goes to small businesses that are visited by fans before and after games.  If the entire NHL season is cancelled, the city and its small businesses can expect to bear a loss of over $86 million in revenue, not including revenue from potential home playoff games.  Select Greater Philadelphia, an economic marketing organization estimates that Philadelphia is losing approximately $1 million in revenue for every Flyers home game not played.

Gary Bettman is clearly not thinking of the Xfinity Live waitresses.

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