Tonight's Flyers-Islanders 'Pleas to the Game'

Tonight's Flyers-Islanders 'Pleas to the Game'
March 1, 2012, 1:45 pm
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The Islanders are in town tonight, as the Flyers return home from a 10-day, 4-game western road trip that included a few games we could have happily slept through instead of staying up to watch (once on a school night!). There can't be a good taste after the 1-0 defeat in San Jose. I think everyone's well-versed in the New York Islanders, including the fact that they're not an automatic win for the Flyers this season. So, without further ado, tonight's Pleas of the Game.

1. Don't get scored on first for the infinityifth time this season.
2. Let our Russian goalie win the -ov–off tonight.
3. Danny's revenge? The cheapshot artists of the league have been beating on Danny Briere this season. We're glad he won't miss time after the pickling in SJ, and hopefully he can snap his long goalless drought. Not that he doesn't put in some cheapshots of his own, but the only real revenge a guy his size can get is when the horn sounds.

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