Traveling Jagrs Make Trek from Calgary to Philadelphia, Christen Newest Member with Mullet

Traveling Jagrs Make Trek from Calgary to Philadelphia, Christen Newest Member with Mullet

He'll likely always be remembered as a Penguin, but Jaromir Jagr has really gotten around. Just ask these guys.

We first addressed the Traveling Jagrs when they showed up in Calgary in mid-February, but the whole salute* of them showed up at Wells Fargo Center last night to cheer on their namesake and christen a new member.'s Adam Kimmelman caught up with them to ask pressing questions.

Tyler, also known as Ranger Jag, originated the Jagr look a few years ago in Las Vegas.

"We were looking for a group costume and a couple of us had Jagr
jerseys," he told "We're all Jagr fans and said, 'let's go
dressed as Jagr.' That was our thought process."

Once Jagr signed with the Stars last summer, the group was apparently ecstatic, as it marked the first time in his Hall of Fame career he'd be playing in the Western Conference.

Of course, it wasn't a long stay, and Jagr was dealt to the Bruins at the trade deadline. But that just gave them an excuse to travel to Philly and hand out an additional mullet.

As you can see in the video below, and in this picture, there's a Jagr for all seasons, from Penguin Jags to Capital Jags to Ranger Jags to Czech Republic Jags to Flyer Jags to Star Jags to now Boston Jags.

Jagr apparently noticed the group in pregame warmups in Calgary, but they have never actually talked to him.

"We haven't had a chance to meet him, but we will," Tyler said. "We
don't want to bug him; he's a Hall of Famer. But he'll talk to us soon.
We need him to score a goal for us today."

He didn't, but he did register an assist on Boston's first goal of the game. Still, solid, quiet confidence out of those guys.

How do you become a Jagr anyway?

"It was a long process," Shane [Boston Jags] told "All kind of interviews,
had to do a shootout at one point. It's the proudest moment of my

And the creedo?

"We don't cheer for Boston, nor do we cheer for Philadelphia. We cheer for Jagr. In Jagr we trust."

Somebody call Jagermeister and get these guys sponsored.

*salute (n.): an unofficial, partially crowd-sourced name for a group of Jagrs

Sixers' T.J. McConnell (sprained right wrist) out Monday vs. Bucks

Sixers' T.J. McConnell (sprained right wrist) out Monday vs. Bucks

The Sixers will get Joel Embiid back in the lineup when they meet the Bucks on Monday afternoon in Milwaukee, but they'll be without their starting point guard.

T.J. McConnell will miss Monday's game with a sprained right wrist suffered in Saturday night's loss to the Wizards in D.C.

McConnell reportedly did not travel with the team to Milwaukee and is back home in Philadelphia.

The 24-year-old McConnell has been a presence this season for a Sixers team that desperately needed something from the point guard spot. In 38 games this season, McConnell has averaged 4.8 points, 5.8 points and 4.8 assists, 2.8 rebounds and 1.4 assists a night in an average of 22.3 minutes a game.

The highlight of McConnell's season, of course, came last week when he nailed the game-winning shot at the buzzer to give the Sixers a 98-97 victory over the Knicks.

Sergio Rodriguez is expected to start in McConnell's place Monday against the Bucks.

Sixers' Ersan Ilyasova excited to see family in adopted hometown of Milwaukee

Sixers' Ersan Ilyasova excited to see family in adopted hometown of Milwaukee

Traveling to Milwaukee means a return to where Ersan Ilyasova began his NBA career.

Twelve years later, it also means a return to his family when the Sixers visit the Bucks on Monday afternoon at the Bradley Center.
Ilyasova planted roots in Milwaukee during his seven seasons with the Bucks, who drafted him in the second round of the 2005 NBA draft. Though he has played for four teams since the Bucks traded him to the Pistons in the summer of 2015, Ilyasova has maintained a home base in the city he adopted after coming to the NBA from Europe.

“I kind of grew up there,” he said. “It’s a lot of time spent.”

Ilyasova’s lengthy tenure with his first team - which doesn’t always happen in the NBA - afforded him and his family the time to make Milwaukee their home.

His wife and three young children (daughters ages eight and five years old and son age three years old) have remained there while Ilyasova has moved around the league frequently. He has been a member of the Pistons, Magic, Thunder and Sixers in a matter of two seasons.

“It’s a huge thing,” Ilyasova said. “I haven’t seen the girls for two months now - a lot of Skype and FaceTime. I see my son, he flies back and forth with my wife.”

The Sixers flew to Milwaukee on Sunday from Washington, D.C. after Saturday night's loss to the Wizards at the Verizon Center. Ilyasova planned to stay at his house and catch up on the time he has missed while being away from his family. This includes missed time during the holidays while the team was on a west coast road trip.
“It’s always really exciting,” Ilyasova said. “They’re counting the days when I will come. They’re all excited to come to the game.”
Another highlight of being back in Milwaukee? A home-cooked meal.
“They’re already preparing it,” Ilyasova said. “It’s duck with apples in it.”