Video: JVR Lost the Bet, Went Shopping in Full Hockey Gear

Video: JVR Lost the Bet, Went Shopping in Full Hockey Gear
December 19, 2012, 11:09 pm
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If you follow any professional hockey players on Twitter, then over the last few weeks you surely saw that Scott Hartnell and his former Flyers teammate james van Riemsdyk were running against each other for high school class president. No, wait, that's not it. They were actually doing something nice and competing to see who could raise more donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The loser would have to go to the mall and shop in full hockey gear.

That's awkward and embarrassing, you see.

Turns out Hartsy took the victory and JVR was sent out looking at the Mall of America in Minnesota for some Christmas gifts in full hockey getup.

One complaint about the above video, however, is that there's no shot of JVR actually wandering through the mall in the full ensemble. That was the money shot right there with all the dirty/bewildered looks he likely received. TSN captured a bit of that, including a visit to Santa Claus.

Kudos to JVR making a purchase for Harsty at The Art of Shaving. He could certainly put that to good use. Although Hartsy says he's not shaving until the lockout ends, so let's all hope we see a clean Scott Hartnell in 2013.

Anyway, nice on them. They apparently raised upwards of $40,000 with the stunt. I suppose if you're not going to be playing hockey for a long damn time it's good to help some people who could use it.

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