Watching Digital Claude Giroux Do Skating Drills Is Exhausting

Watching Digital Claude Giroux Do Skating Drills Is Exhausting
August 17, 2012, 6:30 am
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With an NHL lockout looking relatively likely, Flyers fans may not get a chance to see Claude Giroux and the boys playing at the Wells Fargo Center any time soon.

But thanks to Giroux winning the NHL 13 cover honors, the Flyers best player is featured in some video promos for the game. [video below]

Here's one on the new physics-based skating:

Now I'm admittedly a couple of years removed from college my video game playing days, but damn if that's not some serious player control. My thumbs are already exhausted from watching Claude skate so damn hard. Giroux makes me want to go out, buy a Playstation/XBox with a copy of NHL 13 and TAKE THAT FIRST SHIFT.

The above video comes via Puck Daddy, who has team and player rankings for the Eastern Conference in the game. The only issue I have with it all is Claude Giroux is only rated a 90??? I counted seven players in the Eastern Conference alone with higher ratings.

The game-makers must be from Pittsburgh or something.

>>NHL 13 player and team ratings: Eastern Conference [PD]

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