Wayne Simmonds Fightin' around the World

Wayne Simmonds Fightin' around the World
October 9, 2012, 7:14 am
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♪ Makin' movies / makin' hockey / and fightin' round the world

Courtesy of Puck Daddy, which is still producing some great content despite that whole NHL work stoppage thing, here is Wayne Simmonds doing what we love best about Wayne Simmonds. No, not scoring a goal off of his face. No, not blocking out the sun for an opposing goalie, either.

Okay, ONE of the things we love best about Wayne Simmonds: fightin'! Almost as soon as the lockout got underway, Simmer made the trek to Germany to feed his insatiable appetite for hockey and fisticuffs. He feeds one of those here.

At around two minutes into our first video, Simmonds is going to have a brief altercation with 19-year-old Ralf Rinke, then shuts off the lights with a huge haymaker.

And literally rearranged that dude's face.

The only mistake Simmer made was not pitching a reality show to CSN before heading overseas. He probably could've just shown this clip, and there would be a production team over there as we speak.

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